Everything You Need to Know About Greeting Card Writer

greeting card writer

Are you ready for a fun and exciting way to put your creative writing talents to work? Writing greeting cards to earn money may just be what you are looking for! Find out how to become a greeting card writer.

Greeting card writers use their writing to create cards that convey celebration, appreciation, or sympathy. They put in words what others can’t express to friends and family. Greeting card writing jobs demand creativity, good writing skills and the ability to focus on different themes and messages.

You can choose to work in an office setting or become a freelance greeting card writer, working with a variety of card companies. However, know that incomes fluctuate in freelance assignments and the jobs have tight deadlines making it stressful for you. Before you begin working in the greeting card industry, learn as much as you can about the market and social trends. Try your hand at electronic gift card writing as it is popular these days.

How to Become a Greeting Card Writer in Steps

It is not mandatory to have a degree to become a greeting card writer. However, some companies prefer the writer to have a bachelor’s degree. Anyone with strong writing skills and creativity can become a greeting card writer.

Step 1: Improve Your Writing Skills

You should master the art of writing in a variety of styles to become a professional greeting card writer. Go through as many greeting cards as you can and learn the differences between the style, presentation, and language of each greeting card.

Practice writing short and catchy messages, focusing on conveying a greeting or a message. You should be able to write messages for different occasions such as birthdays, prayers, weddings, and graduations. Put together a portfolio that includes a section of poetry, short phrases that can outline your greeting card writing styles.

Step 2: Complete an Internship

If your career goal is to work for big greeting card companies like American Greeting, Hallmark, Blue Mountain Arts, and Designer greetings then start as an intern. Some card companies offer an internship to people who aspire to become a greeting card writer.

You may be asked to submit samples of your writings to apply for an internship. Make sure that the samples follow the specific format and guidelines set by the company. To find internships for greeting card writer jobs, visit the website of the greeting card companies and look in their careers section or contact them directly.

Step 3: Begin Your Career as a Freelance Greeting Card Writer

Freelance Greeting Card Writer is an independent contractor working for different companies at the same time. They are not contractually obligated to a particular company.

Begin your career as a freelancer for small greeting card companies. Make sure to follow the writer’s guidelines that most greeting card publishers provide for writers. Submit 3 to 5 greeting card ideas to the publishers. As per the reports by Greeting Card Association, there are over 3,000 freelance greeting card writers in the United States.

Step 4: Apply for Your Job

Once you are ready to apply for greeting card companies, start submitting your resumes and portfolio to them. If you get hired, you can expect to work in a fast-paced environment with a sizable paycheck.

Prepare yourself for rejections. Big companies receive thousands of applications every year and you can’t always be the one they are looking for. However, every rejection you face is a step towards building a strong portfolio.

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Tips for Greeting Card Writers

A card’s visual design is the first thing to capture a customer’s attention. However, it is the words that make the sale. The words should have a special me-to-you connection.

  • Spend time understanding the special messages that every card has. Concentrate on the voice of greeting cards, the tone, emotions, and the impact of the card.
  • Find companies that produce greeting cards that match your writing style.
  • Before writing samples, read the submission guidelines carefully and follow them.
  • Make sure to put your details including name and contact details on each page you submit to make sure that the company can contact you if you are chosen for publication.

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Greeting Card Writer Salary

According to the U.S Bureau of Labor Statistics, the median annual salary for all writers and authors was $62,170 and $29.89 per hour as of May 2018. The employment of all the writers and authors is projected to show little or no change since 2018-2028. (1)

Is this Job for You?

Writing greeting cards is a fun and exciting career choice. If you are facing trouble to acquire a job, work on improving your writing skills. The more you practice, the better your portfolio will get. Write every day. Because the most important thing you should do if you want to become a greeting card writer is to write.