Learn How to Become a Jeweler

How to Become a Jeweler

Jewelry is something that is adored by every woman. You can either keep it for personal use or gift someone. Are you someone gifted with the natural ability to design jewelry? Wondering how to become a jeweler? You can get trained and work your way up as a jewelry maker.

Jewelry designers use their abilities to draft, design and create a variety of jewelry like rings, bracelets, etc. They use specialized metals, techniques, and equipment to create unique jewelry designs. Jewelry career is a rewarding one as it allows you to work with exquisite gems in the world.

Designing jewelry requires a lot of creativity, technical knowledge, and artistic ability. One has to have an expert understanding of designing jewels right from cutting, shaping, polishing, etc..

How to Become a Jeweler

Below are the steps to be followed to become a jewelry designer.

Step 1: Get a High School Diploma

The minimum requirement to begin a career in jewelry making is to earn a high school diploma or equivalent.  Some universities, art institutes offer programs related to this field demand a successful completion of secondary school from their students.

Step 2: Education and Apprenticeship

Jewelry apprenticeships or on-the-job training is an alternative to formal education and is one of the most common routes to becoming a jeweler. Technical and vocational schools teach the basic skills of polishing, stone setting, casting and much more in their jewelry making programs.

These are enough to prepare someone to begin their career as bench jewelers. Bench jewelers work in retail stores and should obtain knowledge of various tasks. They polish and clean the jewelry, make repairs, fix stones and carve designs into pieces of jewelry.

Step 3: Self learn the basics of jewelry making

Observation and experimentation is the best teacher. Start observing and take advice from creative jewelers to enhance your designs.

Step 4: Jewelry apprenticeship

This can be one of the most important opportunities for you to learn more about the field. Grab any job opportunity that knocks your door, even if it is a floor salesman job or polishing jewels.

Educational Requirements

The minimum educational qualification required is a high school diploma or equivalent. However, some schools offer courses on jewelry making.

Vocational programs include computer-aided design used for jewelry making. CAD courses are chosen as elective courses as part of Bachelor’s Degree programs in Fine Arts. Students can also learn how to use machinery, equipment, and tools.

There are a few online career schools that offer training and diploma programs in jewelry design and repair. These programs help you gain the technical and business skills needed to survive in the industry. These programs will cover techniques like working with beads, chain links, online classes for crafting jewelry like earrings, bracelets, rings, etc.

Designing and making jewelry is a technical art. It requires artistic talent and the ability to create unique pieces of jewelry. Some jewelry designers obtain a four-year degree from art schools.

This four-year degree provides a wide range of knowledge and specified training. There are a few vocational schools that offer one or two years programs to cover aspects of jewelry.

Jewelry Career: Skills & Certification

Obtaining a career as a bench jeweler is the best choice for individuals with an interest in jewelry. They must have a solid understanding of creating different types of jewelry. Jewelry makers are either self-employed or work in a jewelry store, repair shop or workshop.

Preliminary designs of the new jewelry pieces are created in the computer using CAD and other software. A jeweler should know the fundamentals of casting, metalwork, soldering, gemology, costume jewelry, CAD, drawing, etc. Other skills to be possessed are manual dexterity, patience, detail orientation, precision, good hand-eye coordination, etc.

Jewelers of America, an organization offers four types of bench jewelry certifications. Before giving your jewelry for repair or customized order make sure that you are giving it to a trained jeweler. There are few aspects to consider, like certifications from Jewelers of America, or Jewelers trained from leading institutions like the Gemological Institute of America or the American Gem Society.

How Much Does a Jeweler Make

According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, the annual average salary of a jewelry designer is $44,660 in May 2018(1). The jeweler salary depends on factors such as location, experience and much more. States like New York, California, Texas, Florida and Illinois hired more jewelers, precious stones and metal workers when compared to other states as of 2018.

Jewelers who had received the highest median pay were employed in Kentucky $55,840, New Jersey $54,870, etc. If your designs are unique and you deliver a quality piece of jewelry, then there are good chances for your growth in the business.

Do you wish to make a career as a jeweler? (2) Then get the required skills and training. You can learn various aspects related to the field by taking up a jewelry apprenticeship.