Steps to Become a Nun


Nuns lead an entirely spiritual life. To be a nun calls for chastity, poverty, and conformity. Catholic nuns must be Catholic and spinster virgins. Numerous years ago, parents wanted that their daughter should select a celibate life and convert to a nun. That’s changed drastically over the years. If you are married, a cancelation documented by the Catholic Church must be obtained. 

How to Become a Nun

Today very few women are eager to live a nun’s life, so the present disaster in the Catholic Church. Becoming a nun includes an intense training period, as well as lots of personal sacrifices. You must take an in-depth look inside yourself to know if you’re cut out to be a nun. If you think this might be right for you, below are points on how to become a nun.

Requirements to Be a Nun

college degree is not a complete prerequisite. To become a nun, many religious communities need their applicants to have a bachelor’s degree, especially from a theological college. There is no administration certification or licensure necessity to become a nun. In over-all, many religious communities inspire their members to have some college education. You must have a BA certificate, but again it is not compulsory.

Life experience, such as professional experience, can be a plus point. Nuns have communities and groups known as orders. You might have to join this order. After you have entered a rule, you will have to go through a period of training.

Once your preparation time completes, and you’re sure you want to become a nun, you’ll take temporary vows of chastity, celibacy, and conformity. These vows will work for nine years. Then once you complete your temporary vows, you’ll receive your last promises and be prepared to lead an utterly religious life.

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How Long Does It Take to Become a Nun?

Nuns dedicate themselves to the survival of simplicity and poverty. Unless they do some extra job, such as salaried as a doctor or teacher, they do not get a salary. Few of the nuns support their cloisters by marketing products they have created, however, in numerous cases, the day-to-day requirements of nuns, like food and housing, are offered for by their spiritual communal.

United States Buddhist nuns though, might not have this public support as Buddhism which lacks as the main religion in the nation and the structure to provision monastics is yet being recognized. In every phase, nuns spend numerous years learning and contributing to the life of their cloister before they take any of their concluding vows.

How Much Does a Nun Make?

Nuns conventionally work in the community in many service companies, getting a salary just like any other worker would get. However, nuns who make promises of poverty are not eligible to pay tax as long as they function for a church association.

Nuns might work for the advantage of the Church in any occupation, such as accountant, social worker, daycare worker, teacher as well as the doctor. This makes it almost impossible to guess the average nun salary.

However, nuns give up any earnings they may have to the Church, so in the core, nuns do not have a salary, even if an average were able to be measured. Each member of the priesthood makes a median annual wage of $44,100. Some of the nuns dedicate themselves to survive of simplicity and poverty. 

What Are the Career Prospects?

You must first plan if you wish to follow the way of the priesthood or follow additional key roles in the Church, like deacon, catechist, and archangel. The amount of Catholic nuns in the United States has dropped from past many years the regular age of the nun which was 74 in 2012 Numerous instructions of nuns are enthusiastic to accept novices, and older contenders are being acknowledged as well.

If you wish to become a nun, you can begin communicating with a convent, monastery, vihara, and abbey. In many cases, if the nuns at the cloister you are attentive in feel you might be a decent fit, you would be able to spend a few times there living the lifespan of the monastery. Developing to be completely accepted as a monastic relies on the development you create in your religious educations and on your compatibility along with a life of a nun.

Becoming a nun(1) is a big deal. You live a life consecrated to God, under the command of the Catholic Church. The decision to join the religious life as a nun, or sister, requires prayer, research and discerning if God is calling you to this extraordinary vocation. Nuns make up an incredibly respectable and admirable group of women.