Career Information on How to Become a Police Officer

How to Become a Police Officer

Numerous questions must be spoken when a person is planning on a career choice. Subjects like advancement and salary opportunities are usually the top two questions as people often wish high pay and a chance to rise that pay even more. Additional issues such as welfares play an extra individual part in a job choice since persons desire to continue healthy and have a requirement to follow avenues of interest. Know how to become a police officer.

How to Become a Police Officer

To become a police officer is the most fulfilling job ever recognized is the fulfillment developed by an officer. Individuals with this job fulfillment and have a wish to learn how to become a police officer. The most excellent method to learn about a police officer is to take a self-assessment of your nature and capabilities firstly.

How Long Does It Take to Become a Police Officer?

Being a police officer is a desired career for several people, irrespective of their age and present occupation. It is an occupation that you can begin right after graduation. You can even become at a later phase of your life, only that you must meet the age criteria of the agency you wish to work for. The period of the training in the Police School differs for the different agencies.

It usually takes about 20 weeks on average but can be extended to six months. After which the probation period will start. Only when this period is completed, you are then an official police officer. Thus ambitious police officers need to be 21 years of age. They also have to have at least 2 years of college education. Overall, it takes 5 years to be a police officer.

How Much Does a Police Officer Make?

Police officers who wish to work in more particular divisions or are wanting forward to proceeding in their career must be cable to provide at least a confirmed bachelor’s degree in law enforcement. These subjects must relate to discipline and master’s degrees.

The police officer salary annually is $56,980, as per the most recent statistics from the Bureau of Labor Statistics. This figure is higher as compared to any other average wage for each occupation; the level of education and experience does affect the salary and police officer.

Police Officer Job Description

The core police officer’s job is to protect property and people. Typical responsibilities of police comprise supervising traffic, patrolling districts, replying to emergency calls, writing certifications, arresting violators and delivering warrants, succumbing incident reports promptly. Police are even sometimes called on an urgent basis to testify in court regarding a situation they saw or controlled.

The responsibilities of police contain educational outreach to prevent and resolve the crime. A typical day differs depending on the authority and activity type. For instance, a police officer in the inner city mostly spends a lot of time responding to 911 calls and examining corruption than a minor town sheriff in a distant area. He also needs to respond to any emergencies all the time.

Police Officer Requirements

Specific police officer requirements can differ from one state to another, but they usually trail a similar pattern. A police officer’s qualifications typically have to pass a high school diploma. However, a growing amount of police departments need candidates to finish at least 3 years of college assignments or have an associate’s degree. Besides, he or she must:

  • Be 18 years old. However, few of the individual and state departments might need to be 21 years.
  • Should pass a high school graduate in the best university.
  • Prior armed service, a college degree, and a good work experience
  • Have a legal driver license
  • Not have been sentenced of or plead no competition to a crime
  • Be of good honest character
  • The police officer description is that he must be physically proficient of doing the job and must have excellent communication skills and good in the English language

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Police Officer Training

Police officers play a significant role in societies throughout many places. They go through severe training at the police school to make sure they adhere to fulfilling their responsibility of covering property and lives in their community. Newly hired police officers are supposed to go through the wide-ranging training period.

Police officer starts practical training in weapons use, traffic control, first aid, and emergency response. Lastly, to become a police officer, Aspiring police officers should pass physical and written exams in the training academy before they are eligible to help society.

Police Officer Career

A police officer’s job can be useful and stable, but a respectable salary and decent health and retirement advantages come with a price. Between a lengthy hiring procedure and the hard academy training, it can be a difficult job to get.

Police Officer Education

Police officer education needs(1) typically ask for a few of the post-secondary education. While specific subjects are required to complete to become a police officer. Reading, mathematics, and writing competency at a college level are often what departments are looking for. Military experience is also used instead of college teaching, as well.


Police officers are tasked with caring for the citizens of their chosen jurisdiction by responding to disasters and applying the law. Qualifications for police officers are based around physical fitness, a clean background, and primary education. Police officers usually enjoy benefits like sick leave, paid vacation, medical and life insurance, as well as uniform allowances.