How to Become a Principal?

how to become a principal

A principal is the educational leader of a school. He or she reports to the supervisor who superintends school districts. A principal’s day-to-day responsibilities will differ depending upon the school resources and size of the school.

They assist and manage teachers and all other staff. Are you looking forward to becoming a principal? If so, you must have vision and leadership to operate effectively. You must be an experienced teacher and must have a licensed, with at least a bachelor’s level degree.

How to Become a Principal

You can become a potential principal through certification. Certification proves that you are an active agent of positive growth in the schools. Some specific schooling programs can improve your work experience. Becoming this kind of education superintendent needs a passion for higher education and strong management skills.

School principal job description

School principals don’t just supervise the day-to-day roles of schools and deal with disorganized students. They show their leadership qualities in times of disasters.

Principals make sure schools are run properly. They will have to analyze curricula and construing standardized test scores. Explaining the school’s budget and making executive choices on how to allocate funds is their primary job.

Principals also regularly travel to the district school policymaking offices to report to the administrator. The district supervisor will be your direct superior. You will need to present documents, reports, and additional outcomes related to the organization of your school consistently.

Principals should guarantee their school follows guidelines set by state, federal, and local authorities. Teachers, educational advisors, custodial workers, ultimately reports to a school principal.

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Principal careers Path

You can have a steady workflow and growth as a Principal. Get more experienced and create a demand for yourself in this industry. You don’t have to be a teacher before you become a principal. As a principal, your complete job will be to take fundamental steps to improve a school’s performance. Even though the vast majority of principals will have experience occupied as a teacher, some specific principal programs can enhance your work experience.

Principals can work in colleges, universities, high schools, middle schools, elementary schools, pre-schools, and daycare facilities. A career as a principal begins with gaining on-the-job training. You will have to work closely with teachers, vice-principals, and other faculty with the common objective of offering a safe learning environment for the students.

In a few of the states, they need schoolroom teaching experience for principals. To become a principal, you can take an in-person course, or you can earn an online education degree. You can also go through a mixture of coursework that includes science, advanced courses, and liberal arts.

At the time of the education degree program, you will study subjects that comprise:

  • Child development
  • Early language
  • Literacy
  • Classroom management
  • Assessment
  • Teaching methods
  • Methods for training specific courses
  • Curriculum planning

The U.S Bureau of Labor Statistics(1) (BLS) has projected the average job growth of 14% for the principal; in 2016-2026. This estimation is slower than average when compared with other occupations in the U.S. However, the demand for principal among schools is increasing.

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How Much Does a Principal Make

Do you wonder how much does a principal makes? The average principal makes about $70,000 a year, which is nearly $40,000 extra in salary than the nationwide average. In the year 2014, the lowest-earning 12% of principals make a salary of $70,070, and the top-most-earning 10% earned more than $141,310.

The complete job outlook for school principals is comparable to that of teachers. Through 2024, the job growth rate for principals is anticipated at 7%. Since school registration numbers are projected to increase, the requirement for school principals must remain strong. Currently, the initial level principal earnings start at $61,490, and senior-level principal earnings begin at$119,540.

Principal Requirements and Qualifications

  • To become a principal, you will need work experience, formal education, and professional licensure.
  • A high master’s degree is in an area of education administration is a minimum requirement to become a principal.
  • Consider having a certain amount of teaching experience and holding a school administrator license.
  • Principals in private schools might not have to get a permit, although it can differ by state and school.
  • Usually, a school principal will be needed to have five years of experience teaching in a specific subject area or general grade level.

Bottom line

Becoming a school principal is not a lengthy procedure. You’ll have entirely of competition because it’s a well-compensated, respected position. However, if you’re determined and genuinely believe in the significance of education, it’s a profession path you must seriously consider.

Principal jobs are anticipated to show an increase of 7 percent growth overall by 2022. This might differ slightly by area. However, it is promising within the job market. Want to become a principal? Then start your research now!