Steps to Become a Sex Therapist

How to become a sex therapist

A sex therapist helps people with sexual difficulties. Sex therapists are capable counselors, healthcare professionals, or doctors who have done additional training in helping people with problems relating to sex. A sex therapist can be an analyst, a family & marriage therapist, a clinical social worker, or psychologist. Know how to become a sex therapist.

Therapists provide a confidential, safe place for their customers to share information about their lives that might be confusing, painful, or otherwise uncomfortable to speak about to other people.

Some advanced schools in the U.S provide training for sex therapy. Few of the individuals improvise their training by severe self-study and by being present at the major sexological organizations’ twelve-monthly conferences. Many sex therapists even work with the public, providing training and education to miscellaneous groups. An ability to connect well will help you prosper in this career path.

How to Become a Sex Therapist in Steps

Becoming a sex therapist will include both graduate, undergraduate education, and clinical experience. Most of these phases can also be completed online, with a few in-person necessities. After you have submitted proof of your schooling and completed hours, you might then qualify for licensure.

Step 1. Complete a Bachelor’s Degree

The first step will be obtaining a bachelor’s degree in a related field, such as psychology. Many online programs are available that will allow you to complete your degree at your preferred pace. Topics for the coursework may include social psychology, cognitive psychology, and lifespan development.

Step 2. Get a Master’s Degree

Upon getting your undergraduate degree, you will then require to advance your educational career with a clinical master’s degree in psychiatry, psychotherapy, counseling, or additional related field. Numerous accredited programs are accessible with a variety of subjects to select from. Coursework might include abnormal psychology, psychotherapy, and counseling theory. Few of the programs may need additional internships or on-site residences.

Step 3. Get Knowledge and Hours

After completing your master’s degree, you will require at least 200 hours of scientific experience in psychosexual illnesses prior to getting your certification. This can be accomplished at the time of your graduation or later

Step 4. Sex therapist certification

The American Association of Sexuality Educators, Counselors and Therapists (AASECT) offers additional info, resources and support for sex counselors and therapists. A sex therapist’s certification by AASECT guarantees that the therapist has an alumna degree in a counseling-related field. It gives several hours of supervision in sex therapy and experience in specialized training as well as the highest of ethical standards in sociology, therapy, and counseling. The AASECT credentials sexual health specialists using severe standards and field teaching. A certification and credential might give a higher legitimacy and salary in the field.

You will require to be a member of the American Association of Sexuality Educators, Counselors and Therapists (AASECT), which can easily be achieved through several programs. You will also need to have completed 80 hours of coursework in sexuality teaching. The program receives 65 of these hours to be finished through an accredited university. In addition, you will also require 60 hours of training in sex therapy, 30 of which can be completed even online. Lastly, you will require at least 10 hours in an in-person group sexuality therapy session and 40 hours of administered experience with an AASECT Certified Supervisor of Sex Therapy.

Salary of Sex Therapist

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that in 2016, sex therapists made an average salary of $58,600 per year, with the top 9 percent of sex therapists making over $71,960 each year. Some trainers work on an hourly basis, and in that case, they earn sex therapists might make between $20-$39.Other responsibilities that offer a foundation for sex therapy include counseling, nursing, or the clergy, all of which report a dissimilar salary and service outlook.

Job Duties of a Sex Therapist

A sex therapist fulfills this responsibility by helping people find better physical and emotional fulfillment, remove obstacles in their relations, and form better lookouts on sex.

  • Discussion with patients and help them come up with healthy relationship goals
  • Assist them in discovering sexual fantasies in a secure atmosphere
  • Help patients classify sexual triggers, both bad and good
  • Practicing sexual scripts to learn to sex positively and involve in sexual activity with spouses in an appropriate manner
  • Indicating exercises to help inspire a patient to get ready to engage
  • Sensory activities, where familiarity is practiced positively
  • Mindfulness practice to assist couples to stay in the sexual moment
  • Exploring different kinds of sexual expression
  • Dealing with love addiction, obsession, and sexual compulsion
  • Talking about separating fit from unhealthy sensual methods and fetishes
  • Helping individuals to overcome medicinal issues that might affect sex
  • Issues related to mismatched libidos to problems in orgasming

Bottom line:

The job prospects for sex therapists is expected to grow as the population increases across the United States with an increase in the number of people who need counseling for several addictions, such as alcohol, drug, and substance abuse. (1)