How to Become a Successful Esports Player?

esports player

Aspiring to become an esports player might have sounded weird until a few years ago. But with the sports industry growing at a fast pace, it has become a viable career choice. esports is a large industry and one can’t just pursue a career in esports without knowing what it is about. You need to gain information including game categories and competitions. E-sports, or electronic sports, players play specific games on PC, Playstations, and compete against each other in championships

In recent years, tournaments like Major League Gaming circuit, International Dota 2 Championship, and Intel Extreme Masters have established and created a large community where millions of dollars are at stake. Popular sportsbook casinos have started opening bets on tournaments. A sport has taken off when people start betting real money on it. According to E-sports Earnings, DOTA 2 champions are the highest-paid e-sports players in the world.

Requirements to Become an Esports Player

Commitment towards the game

Playing esports as a hobby is different from playing it as a professional. To become a professional esports player you should be determined and committed to undergo training, day in day out, year after year.

Gaining Experience

You need to engage in gaming for long hours if you are determined to become a successful esports player. Playing a game, and practicing it, are different. You need to diversify and practice new things to play your game better.

A Cool Head Is a Must

Performing in front of a huge crowd with the pressure of thousands of dollars being lost. A single wrong button click can be stressful. One wrong move will quickly lead to losses and the impact of it can be devastating. You need to have self-control and refrain from impulsive actions.

Be a Team Player

Teamwork is always important in the sports industry. Every player is responsible to make their team great. Teams like League of Legends and DOTA 2 have spent living years in the same training camp to rise through their ranks. You should spend time with your teammates to learn and get trained even if you are dedicated to solo games.

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How to Become an Esports Player in Steps

Step 1: Choose Your Game

The first step is to choose your game. You can pick from Super Smash Bros., Starcraft II: Wings of Liberty, Hearthstone, FIFA, Fortnite, DOTA 2, League of Legends, and Overwatch. Choose one game and focus on it. Practice mastering the game you have chosen.

If you take up multiple games at the same time then you are less likely to become an expert. Choosing a game doesn’t mean you should pick the “easiest” game to play. It is picking the one that best suits your skillset. If you are good at live-action sports games, FIFA is the best choice. Call of Duty can be an excellent choice if you are good at shooter games.

Step 2: Upgrade Your Equipment

You should have the best equipment to practice the game so that you are comfortable while playing. The first important gaming equipment to consider is the monitor as it is what you always stare at while playing your game.

The monitor should have at least a 24” screen size and the aspect ratio of 16:9. Though 60Hz is the most common refresh rate, 144Hz or 200Hz is recommended. Other types of equipment are television for console gaming, mouse, headphones, and eyewear

Step 3: Plan Your Daily Routine

To become a professional e-sports player you must plan a daily routine. The highest-paid players have a daily routine they stick to.  Your career in gaming will not take off without training and practice.

Because gaming is a sedentary lifestyle, you must eat right for a healthy mind and body. You sit down for long periods and so it is important to maintain an active lifestyle so that you don’t develop spinal problems and weight gain. You need to stand up, stretch and go for walk and take frequent breaks.

Step 4: Be Consistent

Now that you have selected your game, upgraded your equipment and created a daily routine make sure to follow it as much as possible. Following your game routine should be your top priority. Gamers around the world are aspiring to become an e-sports pro player and the competition is getting tougher. Stay put your emotions and be as relaxed as possible.

Step 5: Join an Online Gaming Community and an E-Sports Team

Join an online gaming community. Every game has a discussion board, chat rooms with a large community of players worldwide. For instance, League of Legends subreddit, an online gaming community for those who play League of Legends has around 1.7 million subscribers. You can get excellent tips from fellow gamers.  Join or create an e-sports team through networking where you can share common insights and tips to better yourself.

Step 6: Compete in Tournaments

Compete in tournaments and ladders together once you are on a team. You have high chances of getting noticed by the pro circuit teams. You get eliminated when you lose in a tournament whereas in a ladder you will be placed on a lower rung. Find tournaments and ladders to compete in from sites like Battlefy, Toornament, and They offer millions of online tournaments every day.

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E-sports Player Salary

E-sports Player Salary varies from player to player, team to team. The average monthly salary of pro gamers ranges from $1,000 to $5,000. The highest-paid esports players of League of Legends earn up to $15,000 per month apart from the prize money. (1)

Bottom Line

E-sports undoubtedly is an amazing career but it is important to understand the path to become a pro gamer. It takes a lot of time, dedication, practice and training. If you are determined then you can always find success in e-sports. Needless to say, with the growing online gaming sites, the interest of the audience and new exciting games, it looks like there is no stopping e-sports growth.