The Ultimate Guide on How to Become an Image Consultant

image consultant

How good can an exciting high-paying job showing people and companies how to make a fabulous impression can be? Image consultants are one job where you get to manipulate the spotlight without ever having to stand in it. Image consultants are professionals who assist people in enhancing their looks to achieve an appearance that will reflect their personality and charisma.

They advise the clients on all aspects of the personal image including physical appearance, presence, and communication.  Image consulting is undoubtedly a growing field because public figures are increasingly concerned about how they appear to the public.

Business people, celebrities, and job seekers hire image consultants to improve their public image to sustain their social standing. Find out how to become an image consultant and what it takes to become a successful image consultant.

As an image consultant, you should have an understanding of many things including apparel and fashion. Image consultant jobs are more about dealing with complex details when working with clients like discussing their appearance and behavior. Be empathetic and a great listener to your clients’ needs, understand their personality and follow pop trends to be successful in this field.

Job Description of an Image Consultant

Image consultant jobs are about changing and enhancing the image of a person. An image consultant advises clients on their wardrobe, communication skills, body language, and attitude.

Duties and Responsibilities of an Image Consultant

  • To evaluate the personality of a person and to find out what has to be changed.
  • To go on a shopping spree with clients to help them choose clothing, accessories, and footwear appropriate for the occasions.
  • To train the clients on positive body language and strong communication skills

As an image consultant, you strategically assess the ABC of a client’s image

Appearance: Appearance is one of the important factors to consider when we look at the overall image. When working on the appearance of a client you should consider the style that matches the client’s profession and personality.

Behavior: Image consultant is not a typical wardrobe or personal stylist to concentrate on what shows up on the outside alone. They advise their clients on acceptable behavioral trends in line with social trends. Behavior is about attitude and is as important as your outside image.

Communication: Developing communication skills is not as easy as saying “Hey, Just try to say it this way”. Instead, you must get to know your client, so that you can effectively find ways to improve their communication skills.

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A Career as an Image Consultant

A person’s image is defined by the way they appear before others. In other words, the image of a person can be defined by the way other people judge them or form an impression about them. It is more than just physical appearance. In today’s world, people strive to create a good first impression.

As an image consultant, you must instill confidence in the clients. You will also advise the clients on vocal communications including voice, grammar, and vocabulary, non-verbal communications including handshakes, posture, and eye contact, etiquette including business, social graces, and dining.

How to Become an Image Consultant in Steps

Step 1: Complete a Training Program

Though there are no standard education requirements for image consultant jobs, there are quite a few training programs available. The programs cover various aspects of fashion and communication. You can pursue a degree in mass communication or public relations so that you gain knowledge and information on interpersonal communication, public speaking. If you are a freelance image consultant then an additional degree in marketing and finance can help you promote your services to clients. Association of Image Consultants International (AICI) offers image consultant certification.

Step 2: Gain Work Experience

Aspiring individuals should understand how image affects the overall branding of a client. To do so, they must first gain experience working with a public relations or fashion marketing firm. This helps the consultants to know about the targeted audiences and how companies and people project a certain image. You can start working as a part-time consultant.

Create a portfolio and then build your clientele. Companies would want you to improve the quality of their employees’ dressing style. Some celebrities would want you to give them styling services for their endorsement and other events. Public figures including politicians hire image consultants for improving their overall appearance.

Step 3: Join a Professional Organization

Organizations like the Association of Image Consultants International offer networking, further education and certification opportunities to their members. As an image consultant, you can further your career if you are a member of such an organization. Complete a training program, obtain image consultant certification, and gain experience in the field to become a successful image consultant.

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Image Consultant Salary and Job Prospects

According to the U.S Bureau of Labor Statistics, the median image consultant salary as of 2018 is $58,435. The average corporate image consultant salaries in the United States are $65,684 with an equivalent hourly wage of $32. Image consultant jobs have been projected to have a growth rate of 9% from 2016-2026. Image management plays an important role in the present era of rapid globalization and competition. (1)

Is this Job for You?

An image consultant is a viable career option best suited for someone who is a people person and has an eye for fashion and style. Being a freelance image consultant takes guts and determination, and the rewards are worth it. Styles and clothes constantly change and every day your client will have different requirements. You should have the ability to adapt to these changes.