How to Start a Freelance Food Delivery Business Online?

How to Start a Freelance Food Delivery Business Online?

Thinking of food can never be optional, although thinking of one topic can lead to another topic where the first one becomes optional. For instance, thinking of buying a dress can become optional while thinking of visiting a mall to buy a TV.

We all love to eat and eat to live. Well, it may sound extremely clichéd, but have you ever thought of turning your passion for eating and feeding into a business without even opening a restaurant? If it may appeal to you, then listen to this: today, more than ever, you don’t need heavy investments, funding even a restaurant to start working in the food industry.

Sounds interesting?  Read on how to start a freelance food delivery business online.

Why Should You Choose Online Food Business?

Thanks to the introduction of concepts like ola and be that we have seen a surging demand in application-based transportation booking. In 2016, the idea of food order online and delivery was introduced in the market. Today, ordering food online at your convenience and from your favorite restaurant is the next big thing. The digital world has made us comfortable in all aspects, so much so that we have grown a tad bit lazy to go pick up food from our favorite restaurant, which is probably a 15 km away. So, the major reason for online food delivery business’s immense popularity is comfort and flexible eatery options.

What is Online Requirement?

Apart from a lot of research, analysis and promotional work, the only setup that you would need is a Food Delivery Application, developed by a professional company.

What Are the Advantages of Online Food Delivery Business?

  1. Convenience: No longer do we have to wait in a queue, search restaurant’s number online and then dial and hold on to the phone while the order is being taken, or ask for the menu items a 100 times before finalizing. With the online food app option, ordering becomes as simple as ‘look, click & book’. All you have to bring in is more happy customers.
  1. Efficiency: With online ordering, the concentration of employees will solely be on food delivery, very much required for a start-up business.
  1. Accurate Ordering: You won’t mix up two orders nor will you have to keep the changes handy. Chances of writing down the wrong order are zero and accuracy will be the latest fad.
  1. Networking: With an online food delivery business, you will get a chance to network with many hoteliers and restaurateurs. This would be profitable for you to build a strong business connection.

Few Areas Where You Need to Pay Attention

  1. Price: As a freelance start-up, development and implementation of an online order food system could be slightly expensive. You can reduce the cost of development by purchasing a standard model from professionals.
  1. Delivery Issues: Since you will be a freelancer, you might face issues in tracking each and every order delivery. It is apparent that you’ll be having a dozen delivery boys doing their job. Therefore, in order to ensure on-point delivery, you can install a good Workforce Management System.
  1. Payment Gateways: Ensure that you provide more than one payment option for accessibility, including Card or Cash on delivery.
  1. User-Friendly Website App: Make sure your website or app is easily accessible and fast to load.
  1. Customization: What works in one city will not work in another. So, you have to do a little bit of research about the eating preferences of local people. Knowing the local cuisine preferences will help you include restaurants and menu options that have something to give to each customer. Customization also means the time of the day people order food and the type of food they’d like to order.
  1. Targeted Area: Before you plunge deep into the business, start with a small group. Focus on delivering food to a limited area. This will help you to manage the workforce and order delivery much better. Better management will definitely make your brand name stronger.
  1. Promotions: No matter how efficient, economical and vivid your business is, if people are not aware of it, it is of no use. Try and make people aware of your food delivery services through various mediums such as newspapers, Facebook, SMS, Instagram and so on.
  1. Staffing: Get on board good and efficient delivery boys who have a good sense of road navigation and are smart enough to understand different orders and deliver them quickly.

How to Start a Freelance Food Delivery Business Online in Simple Steps

1. Registering and Licensing:

In countries like India, if you decide to start a freelance food delivery business online, you don’t need any licensing; but you need to be a registered firm. Based on your country’s state law, you have to do either of the above.

Additionally, you’ll have to sign a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with all your merchants (or restaurants and hotels) on the terms and conditions, a food quality assurance form and a % of commission form.

2. Researching the Preferences:

Before you launch your business, research the place you want to start it. You can conduct business from home as well. If that’s the case, you need to set up a separate office room with a phone line and internet connection.

Furthermore, decide on the delivery diameter and the number of food outlets you want to include in your business. You have to also analyze the number of people who order from home/office and what is the prime time.

3. A Website or Application

In order to get food order requests, you’ll need to create a Website as well as a Mobile Application. You’ll also have to pick an interesting name for your food delivery online business.

4. Network and Promote

Your next step would be approaching restaurants, hotels, and other food outlets and pitch them a deal for generating additional revenue from home delivery options. Tie up with popular restaurants that have already a thriving customer base. Ensure that you have all arrays of price range and cuisine restaurants up on your list.

5. Go for a fixed commission. You will generate revenue from the orders these restaurants get. Your commission should be anywhere between 5 – 15%.

6. Start your freelance business with 2 delivery boys and 2 vehicles. (1)

7. Use a combination of Social media, SEO and SMS blasting for marketing options.