How to Start a Security Business Successfully with Basic Steps

how to start security business

To earn simple and smart. The business mostly concerns providing a variety of physical protection services to individuals, residential properties, and commercial properties. However, starting any business needs careful steps and prompt planning, and making every move right, right from raising funds for the business to promoting the business. With more and more organizations looking for ways to tighten their security because of the rising concerns, more opportunities are opening up for businessmen who want to start a security guard company.

While it is a very profitable business currently and while you can grow rapidly, most start-up entrepreneurs fail because they tend to ignore the basics, such as researching the market, securing the finances and most importantly, working on their business plan.

Today, we will guide you through the basic steps involved in starting a security business successfully. Our blog will act as the basis for your business; however, for in-depth information, we suggest you take advice from niche professionals.

What the Security Guard Business Looks Like

The security industry is growing rapidly with the imminent need to secure properties, information and data, and individuals from criminal activities and potential threats. Day-to-day activities of security companies entail preparing documents, such as incident reporting and proposals, and implementing other strategic initiatives in securing property and network. If you are passionate enough about guarding people, the long working hours and unusual schedules wouldn’t matter to you.

Your company will also provide ongoing training and education to subordinates and new joiners. You will have to make sure the security operations are running soundly and are never in jeopardy. You have to develop a sound understanding of the security needs of people and have details about the industry, the business, and its threats.

Steps on How to Start a Successful Security Company

Step 1: Determine Your Service Type

As a start-up, you will have to pick out the services that you would like to offer to your clients. If you want a sure shot in the business, do not offer a variety of services from the very beginning. You may end up falling short in resources and fund in providing quality service. Therefore, it is essential that you pick up the right type of security business and stick to it, at least for the first year after your business takes off.

One of the growing fields of security business is internet technology security service. In here, you will be serving clients and businesses by securing their data from possible cyber thefts and crimes. You will need expertise and in-depth understanding about cybersecurity issues. Only then you can provide this kind of security service.

You can also consider providing monitoring security services, such as home alarms and CCTV. This type of services can be started with a small capital as well.

Finally, you can think of providing security guard services to residential properties, organizations, commercial complexes and even to individuals. Again, for this type of services, you’ll have to hire professional security personals.

The type you select will determine your start-up capital and other licensing and permits obligations.

Step 2: Choose Your Business Model

You can choose from three types of business models to set-up your company – you can acquire an existing security company that is already thriving. In here, you will be granted with an already formed customer base, a brand image, inventory, and an already structured office.

Alternatively, you can opt to buy a franchise. As a franchise, you will operate your company as an independent business owner. However, the franchiser company will provide you with an infrastructure, such as an office, training, and coaching services. You will also be granted with necessary documents, ideas and clients to start your business.

The last option includes starting your own security business from scratch, as an independent brand with no external controls. For this type of business model, you will have to develop a solid business plan and invest a lot of time to establish the business.

Step 3:  Skills Required for the Business

The security business is not as easy as it seems. Based on the type of service offered, the necessary skills will vary. For instance, if you choose to start an internet security service company, you would need computer knowledge, record keeping, scheduling, technical analysis, network server knowledge, and hacking are some of the essential skills for the job.

On the other hand, security guards would be required to have the different skill set, depending upon the job, such as security guard certification, officer’s license, military training, knowledge of criminal law, people skills, and risk assessment and management skills.

Step 4: Get a Business Plan

Your business plan will act as the guiding force in your entire start-up journey. It would give a clear picture of your business goals, your target customer, the market you will be working in, the pros and cons of the services, the capital fund and ways to raise it, your business vision, mission, and purpose, and finally, your business marketing and branding strategies.

It should tell you how you’ll be moving forward in your business, and with each milestone, you should be able to compare your progress with your business plan. An explicit mention of your profitability expectations should be present in your business plan. You can get legal advice from lawyers, and financial and tax advice from accountants when you are developing your plan. A sound business plan can easily get you financial aid, such as loans.

Step 5:  Register Business, Obtain Permits and Licenses

You have to register your business as a legal entity. You can establish a sole proprietorship, an LLC or as a corporation. Each structure has its own benefits that safeguard your personal assets from business liabilities. Furthermore, you will have to obtain state governed licenses and permits to operate your security guard business. Find out from your local authorities the conditions laid to obtain the licenses, as each state has its own laws. You might also need to pass FBI, or State Security Agencies’ background check to qualify.

Step 6:  Raise Your Funds

You can gather your start-up fund by applying for a bank loan, in case you don’t want to use your savings. You can also obtain your funds via crowd funding through various platforms. If you are approaching a bank, go well prepared, carry your business plan along with other important documents, such as legal papers, registration with the corporation, and your list of clients (if you have).

Step 7: Build a Business Website and Create an Impressive Logo

Build a Business Website and Create an Impressive Logo

A great logo and an impressive website should be your first step towards client acquisition and marketing. The logo is the first thing customers see, so make sure it is simple, with very few colors, and is legible even in the smallest of sizes. The logo, which is your business symbol, will play a huge role in building your brand identity.

A website will help you earn the necessary credentials on the internet. It acts a business card, more vivid, more responsive, and more interactive. Today, most of the business transactions are completed on the web, such as service selection, conversing with customers, hiring, and payment. Therefore, you would want to have a dynamic web presence to lure your customers efficiently. Make sure your website is full of relevant information, such as your services, what you do, your hours of operation, address, and contact details.

Insufficient information and poor user experience may drive your customers away from your website. Do hire an excellent web designing company to help you plan your website development.

Step 8: Use Social Media for Marketing

Social Media platforms, such as Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, etc. have become great business marketing tools for start-ups as well as for established organizations. Brand promotion, targeting new clients, building trust with existing clients and building a sustaining brand image, are few of the many things you can achieve via social media marketing.

To know the full potential of your social media accounts in marketing, contact a good social media marketing team or online marketing expert and get their help in devising a dynamic social media ad campaign.

The basic requirement would be designing a social media page that makes a good impression of your venture. Once the design is done, all you will have to do is post information about your services or talk about promotional offers. Do link your company website to all of your social media posts.

Step 9:  Build Your Customer Base with Trust and High-Technology

One of the important factors in security business is not gaining customers, but rather winning their trust. They should have full faith in your ability to protect them and the lives of their near and dear ones. That’s why, you have to make sure your services are unparalleled and best in the city, if not the country. The technology you use to secure their living should be by far the most professional, reliable, and fast. Make sure you are proficient and proactive in providing your services so that your clients are fully satisfied.

Research as much as you can before getting into the business. In the meanwhile, if you have any questions regarding the subject, feel free to message us in the comments.