How to Start Vlogging? Things You Need to Know to Become a Vlogger

how to start vlogging

Vlogging, simply put, is starting a video channel and sharing things. If you have solid dreams of starting a YouTube channel or you want to share information, facts, pics, DIYs, how-tos, stories or anything personal or professional through videos, you should start vlogging.

Vlogging is one of the most popular video content forms today, and there is nothing better than a video to get people’s attention faster, don’t you agree?

‘How to start vlogging’ is a very common question many aspirers ask us. So, today we have decided to share a vlogging guide for beginners, everything you require to start video channel on YouTube or anywhere else.

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First of All – Why Should You Vlog?

Do you like those one-minute videos on Instagram? Are you one of those who enjoy YouTube video channels like Bright Side? If yes, then know that you are not alone; there are millions of people like you across the globe. There is nothing like a video message that gets people’s attention. Vlogging is the new genre in expressing views, thoughts, and information. And what’s more? It is a great money-making venture.

Vlogging today is one of the best ways to promote yourself and your services on the internet – it could be anything between a serious business that you run and a fun activity forum.

There is no right way to do vlogging; it is all about experimenting with your niche audience. Niche audience is those people whom you want to show your videos to.

But what if you are self-doubting yourself whether you are a perfect candidate for vlogging? No worries; if you like the following things, you should definitely give Vlogging a shot.

Things You should Like If You Want to be a Vlogger

  1. You should want to learn more and want to be a real expert in your field, explore new possibilities and grow your skills. For example, you are a Beauty Blogger and you want to try new products or recreate salon styles and share it with your followers.
  2. You should like spending time on Social Media and like being on it. Vlogging is a great way to increase your reach and viewer – engagement via YouTube, Instagram, and Facebook videos.
  3. You should have some amount of passion towards filming, shooting and editing videos. Editing initially would take a lot of your time and patience, such as getting to know your camera, software tools for editing, and lighting and sound.
  4. You should love working with the camera. Some people are born lively in front of cameras, while others are quite camera shy. But if you want to start vlogging, the camera should be your best friend. You have to shove-away the shy factor through the window.
  5. You should be a great planner and organizer. Vlogging channels are all about schedules, self-motivation, and self-discipline. A lot more goes in managing a vlog than you realize. If you promise your audience that every Thursdays and Sundays a new vlog will be updated, you should keep your word.
  6. You should be a great communicator and consider your viewers your friend. As in, you should know how to keep your audience engaged with interesting videos. You have to be real, yet maintain the aesthetic factor of the vlogs.

Before you start, make sure if you fit in, in terms of expectations, patience, and goals.

Okay, let’s get to the step-by-step guide now…

How to Start a Vlog? Step by Step Instructions

1. Plan a Strategy

What works best for you? Write it down, speculate it and think about it in terms of long-term benefits. Understand your skills and actions and how you can present them in front of your viewers. Your actions should be honest and natural because that is what will take you far. Points to act on include:

  • What should be my content?
  • What my content should focus on?
  • Important points to be included in my script.
  • How would the content flow?

Vlogs are like blogs. They require a content flow and a solid script. A written script in most occasions works best for vlogs. You can at least highlight the points, if not writing down a fully-fledged script.

2. Who Should Be Watching Your Blogs?

You have to consider your audience next. Your content should reach out to the right audience. You can branch out your audience into different categories, such as Interest, Age, Gender, Industry, Country, Habit etc. You have to in detail analyze your audience sector as this would be a conversion-rate factor.

For instance, you can mould your vocabularies and other content specifics considering the age factor of your audience. Or you can mould the tutorial depending upon the gender and so on.

3. Choose the Platform

If you want to start Vlogging, the best place to start it is YouTube. Starting and managing a YouTube channel can be both fun and profitable (Read our article about YouTube for beginners). It has the largest viewer base, probably around 1 billion, which is one-third of total internet users.

So, as a newbie, you should associate with this mammoth platform. However, just don’t focus on YouTube alone. You should also keep one or two options more. Dailymotion, Veoh, Vimeo, and Metacafe are some of the other reputed sites for vlogging.

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4. Choose Your Tools for Recording

Okay, just know that the competition is fierce and if you want to ace in it, you need to put an effort. Since Vlogging is all about great videos, your primary focus should be buying a camera, a high definition one, for the purpose. You don’t need hi-tech equipment for your Vlogs, but a good camera is a must.

The next tool that is essential for your vlog is great lighting, especially if you are doing an indoor shoot. Keep handy two to three types of lighting fixtures to get the perfect light set up. However, make use of natural sunlight the most. The ideal time for outdoor shoots is between 7:30 A.M and 4:30 P.M.

Few essential gears you must have for Vlogging are:

  • A DSLR Camera with wide angle lens, autofocus, and flip screen.
  • Mike with background noise reduction technology
  • Storage card with a fast writing speed
  • Drone for cinematic footage and thrills (optional)
  • Great background, preferably white
  • Light fixtures

5. Video Editing Skills

Try and learn basic video editing skills. Even an ordinary video can be made exceptional if you know how to edit a video finely. Your editing skills will definitely make a huge difference in your Vlog, despite the content you post. Some of the things that you should keep in mind are:

  • A perfect audio and video synchronization.
  • The great background score, not too loud and definitely not overpowering.
  • Attractive footnotes and subtitles.
  • Catchy headlines.
  • Correct video speed (if it is a no-voice DIY for instance)

Video editing tools also make a huge difference in your editing process. Make sure you invest in a good one and don’t opt for free versions.

6. Build a Brand around Your Vlogs

Your Vlogs should represent you and create a perfect brand. A single video will not get you any fame. It should be a series of videos that represent you, your business and your passion. You have to build a brand and make people aware of what your services in your vlogs. You can either go by your niche or select a topic of your choice. In the end, your viewer should feel satisfied having received the right content for what they have been expecting.

7. Establish a Vlogging Community

Build rapport with other vloggers and open doors to greater opportunities. And the best way to do so is by commenting on Vlogs with similar topics. Establish a bond with Vloggers from the same niche and don’t forget to subscribe to their channels. YouTube algorithms can easily pick your videos and show to the subscribed vlogger’s audience. So, don’t miss the opportunity to network.

It is a Rewarding Freelance Career….

Earning opportunities are immense in Vlogging realm. Although, you may not garner immediate results and although it will take some time to build a dedicated viewer list, the payoffs are unlimited once the views start pouring in.

For instance, YouTube pays its contributors a substantial amount, based on the number of views each vlog receives. And, you can also earn through sponsored videos, referral videos, and shout-outs.

Not just this, but once you start gaining enough attention from viewers, you can also expand your earning opportunities by becoming an influencer.

Influencer marketing is a strategy that is being adopted by many corporates and brands off-late. In here, brands tie-up with popular vloggers (with certain view count or subscribers) for marketing or talking about their products to a larger customer circle.

Ultimately, success depends on how passionate and serious are you about your vlogging career. Do share with us in comments your favorite vlogging channel and if you are a vlogger yourself, then what inspires you.