Highest Paying Jobs for Philosophers

Highest Paying Jobs for Philosophers

Jobs for Philosophers are more common these days and often offers a lucrative salary than you could imagine. In spite of “Philosopher” not being a casual job title, the philosophy majors thrive in many sectors.

The skills you acquire in philosophy are of high value. They are suitable for getting any type of career. Organizations these days are often facing tough decisions, which is why they offer jobs for philosophy graduates.

Careers for Philosophy majors are plenty and offer lucrative salaries. A philosophy degree comes with improved reasoning, literacy, and various other skills; it can be applied in fields such as education, writing, politics, law, and business as well.

You can easily crack high pay jobs, depending on your experience. A bachelor’s degree in philosophy will provide you an excellent choice of career. However, a few philosophy degree careers do require a graduate degree or additional certification courses.

Suitable Jobs for Philosophers

After graduation, make sure to research on what jobs you can get with a philosophy degree and how to enhance your career. Following are the list of Philosophy degree jobs.

1. Market Research Analyst

The role of a market research analyst is a difficult job as it involves monitoring and forecasting sales. However, if you are already a philosophy major, then with the research and analytical skills you had learned in your course, you will be well equipped to meet the challenges. Almost all the industries use market analysis, and so is the scope of this job. A market research analyst earns about $62,560 on an average.

2. Writer

To make a living as a writer, it’s not necessary to be a renowned author. Writers can include the ones who write fiction and non-fiction, scientific books, magazines, or copywriters for advertising or other business purposes such as banners, brochures, etc. A writer earns about $61,240 on an average.

3. Advertising Sales Agent

An advertising sales agent sells advertising services for the company. The job is to explain to potential clients how advertising will help the client in promoting sales. This job requires a high school diploma, and the average salary, an advertising sales agent, earns $50,380.

4. Marketing Manager

A marketing manager plans promotional activities, negotiate contracts, hire advertising creatives, or conduct market research. When the project is about to end, they will evaluate marketing efforts and analyze results while striving to meet the demands of clients. A career as a marketing manager is quite steady, with an average salary of $127,560.

5. Human Resources Manager

Big companies and organizations need people who can organize and plan recruiting efforts to bring in the best possible candidates. A human resource manager can assist the company with training and ensure that the people who are hired are fully equipped to meet the need of the organization.

6. Economist

Economists research economic issues, advise businesses, and analyze data using mathematical models. The job outlook is decent offers a lucrative average salary of $101,050. A master’s degree is the required education to become an economist.

7. Psychologist

Psychologists conduct studies that make observations, research behavior, and test patterns to understand the human mind. To become a psychologist, a doctorate in psychology will be required. A psychologist earns an average salary of about $75,230.

8. Career Counselors

Counselors work with individuals to identify their skills and help them determine which career path would be suitable to their interests and abilities. Counselors guide people and focus on advancing the success of people who approach them by providing the right advice on the right career choice or education. All you need is a master’s degree to become a school counselor(2). The average salary of a career counselor is $90,000.

Other jobs for philosophy majors are Historian, Editor, High School Teacher, Arbitrator, College Professor, Financial Analyst, Computer Programmer, Business Consultant, Real Estate Agent, Mental Health Counselor, Entrepreneur, Philosophy Professor, Lawyer, etc.

Skills developed in Philosophy

While learning a philosophy degree, you can acquire the following highly sought-after skills such as

  1. Analysis of complex concepts and ideas
  2. Coming up with logical solutions after examining all sides of an argument or problem.
  3. Ability to write and speak clear and concise.
  4. Interpretation of abstract theories and ideas.
  5. Coming up with new ideas to do different things.
  6. Accepting the fact that a problem has more than one solution and there is no right answer to any question.
  7. Applying frameworks to problems in creative ways

Enhancing your skills in Philosophy

If writing and editing are your most persuasive skills, then it’s a good idea to start to create an online presence for yourself. You can begin with blogs as it is the best facet of your online portfolio as a writer. What next after the degree is the most challenging question? However, you can pursue your master’s or doctorate in philosophy.

There is a wide range of careers for philosophy majors(1). Recognizing whether you prefer hard logic and deductive reasoning or have a more creative and artistic will help you to choose the right job for you. Hopefully, this article helps you decide the right choice of career for philosophy majors.