6 Key Marketing Skills Every Freelancer Should Know

key marketing skills every freelancer should know

Having good skills and knowledge in your specialization is not enough to become a successful freelancer. There is a lot more out there. While key skills are a good start for every freelancer, there are some skills you should be excel at in order to become successful in your career.

Freelancers should learn how to market themselves to survive. Fortunately, you can master the art of marketing yourself. The following are the list of few skills that freelancers should not overlook.


Every freelancer should have their own website. Having your website makes you more professional and can give you the positive impression for clients. Updating your website on regular basis with your work is a good practice to draw clients towards you.


No matter the type of domain you are into, you should have a great portfolio that gives you an edge over your peers. You don’t have to fill your portfolio with the designs, a simple template that tells about your work would be enough. If you have worked in various domains, you can group your portfolio samples by each industry that you work in. This will create a more focused look to clients. Link the best samples to your portfolio.

Social Media

Being a part of one or more social media platforms is must for every freelancer. The type of social media networks you join will depend on the industry you serve because you should be present where your potential clients are.

Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn are the most popular platform for freelancers. Each platform has pros and cons. No matter which platform you would go with, you should take time to master it.

In case of Facebook or LinkedIn, you should join various relevant groups. Choose the best ones that you think your clients will be involved. Ask questions and give answers to the needy. This is an ideal way to become popular among target audience. Post updates anytime you publish a blog post on your website.

Listen to Client’s Needs

While working for a client, you should have clear understanding of the client’s requirements, business and what they need from you. To maintain good relationships with the clients, you should listen to what clients are saying.

Ask Right Questions

To understand client’s business completely, you should ask the right questions to ensure you are on the same page. Depending on the clients, their business and requirements, ask questions that makes client think you are on the same path.

Dealing with Feedback & Criticism

Taking client’s feedback good or bad and working accordingly is the best thing you can do to grow as a freelancer. Asking for feedback and improving your skills is a good practice for any freelancer. You may also face criticism; you should know how to deal with it to lever up your effectiveness.

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