Know How to Include New Skills and Specialties the Right Way in Freelancing

know how to include new skills and specialties the right way in freelancing

Sometimes we get bored at the work and perhaps consider adding new sets of skills to your hat. How can you figure out what skills you can consider adding? Whether those skills will turn into income? Here’s a quick guide to help you avoid this confusion and let you know how to add new skills to your profile.

Two Approaches to Skill Expansion

Skills refer to any specific abilities you use in business, including both hard and soft skills. You can increase your skill set by applying an existing skill to a new area in a new way while the other approach is to add a new but relevant skills to service offerings.

Define your Skills and Specialties

You might not have intention to add a particular specialty, but getting specialized in what you have can give you more reach. Figure out the skills that can help you gain more clients.

List your Potential Skills

Your specialty is your foundation. In order to figure out what your next level is, you need to list out new skills you want to gain. Your existing quality is your strength. You should build one level at a time. Step by step progression makes you bring in regular income while opening ways for new opportunities.

If you are short on ideas look out for new ways in figuring out the potential skills. Find out what areas are right next door, closely related to the skills you possess. The stronger the connection between the old and new skill, the easier it is to win.

Narrow Down your Interest

You might have more options to expand your new skills, so you should decide which option to pursue. You should choose the skills that best pay off. Although there are many options to consider, your personal interest, network and ease of entry are few factors that would impact your career. The following info will help you figure out how to narrow down your interests:

Market Interest What’s the growth in this domain?
Personal Interest Do you like the skill? Does this sound interesting? Does it line up with your preferences and work style?
Opportunity Where do I find about more work opportunities?
Network Do you know anyone working in this area or using this skill? Do you have direct contacts that could help gain skills or start working in this area?
Ease of Entry Minimum requirements needed to show that I am qualified in this skill/area? How much time it would take to market yourself in this skill/area?
Income Potential What is the estimate income for this new skill/area? Are there limiting factors that would keep me from getting to top income levels?

Acquire the Needed Qualifications

Once you’ve decided to add new skill, decide what are the required qualifications. A strong network can make this happen. If you know someone who is already working in this area, it is better to ask for advice. In few cases, you will be applying a current skill to a new area.

Get the Required Experience

Start small in your new area, you can gain experience required to make yourself expertise in that specific area. Gaining new skills not only gives you expertise but also help you understand basic skills, set up a productive work flow, gain the needed resources, and Connect with the right clients.

The more skills you possess, the more options you have for creating income you need. Expansion is the key to creating a freelance business that can keep you excited about work.