10 Qualities Every Client Must Have

qualities every client must have

In a client-freelancer relationship, clients play an equally significant role. While we may stress on the need for amenable and dedicated freelancers, we must give as much emphasis on similarly disposed clients.

It is not hard to arrive at a list of qualities which good clients have. We can all ascertain it without much effort, as these are the qualities we usually look for in a professional. However, we will narrate a few of them in this article so that everyone acknowledges the importance of nurturing good qualities for maintaining business relationships.

We have prepared a list of 10 qualities that a client in the freelance community is expected to have. If you are a client and want to ensure a qualitative relationship with freelancers, then you should pay attention to this list.

1. Transparency With Respect To What Can Be Offered

One of the chief qualities of a good client is honesty with respect to what he can offer to freelancers. This includes transparency in the budget, the amount of work, working schedule, payment process, and others.

A good client knows that it is unethical to keep his working partners inadequately informed of the details of work. He knows that the time and resources of everyone are as valuable as his, and thus, he keeps everything crystal clear.

2. Good Listening Skills

It is to be always remembered that the freelance community is unlike the regular employment industry we know of. Here, the freelancers and clients are more or less on equal footing, and thus, it is advised that the latter should listen to the requirements and reservations of the former.

You may have posted all the details of your project in clear terms, but that does not necessarily put a bar on queries which freelancers can have. Besides this, freelancers may have some suggestions to offer, and an uncooperative and it-is-all-about-me client will totally ignore them, causing friction.

So, listen well.—that is what we ask you to do.

3. Effective Communication Skills

Effective communication skills are more than just talking and listening. These skills involve a number of other factors such as amenability to address issues, using modes of communication effectively, talking with due respect and politeness, employing requisite business vocabulary, and what not.

Moreover, there should be regularity and substance in communication. It is pointless to send regular emails when there is no substance in them. One must communicate what should be communicated and should avoid indulging in unnecessary communication.

Having proper channels of communication allows both parties to express sufficiently and prevent misunderstanding—something that can really further your rapport with freelancers.

4. Be Respectful

One cannot maintain healthy business relationships in absence of mutual respect. While you may be the one assigning work and making payments, this does not, in itself, entitle you with the liberty to treat freelancers however you want.

There are thousands of clients like you—some of whom are willing to offer better work opportunities than you—so you cannot behave howsoever you want. Freelancers may tolerate in the beginning, but then you will inevitably go through an embarrassing withdrawal of freelancers from your projects.

5. Open To Suggestions

Even though it is the freelancer’s job to finish the job nicely, you must completely withdraw yourself from the execution process. However, you will only be able to participate fully in the execution process when you are open to receiving suggestions.

On many occasions, you will end up working with highly experienced and talented freelancers who are usually in the position of contributing valuable suggestions. These suggestions can immensely help you obtain better results. However, for that to happen, you must open yourself to such suggestions.

6. Knack For Time Management

As a client, you can expect to be occupied with several freelancers at a point in time. However, this should not be your excuse in case of any delays or mismanagement. Every good client knows the value of time, not only just his but also of freelancers.

Keep a record of the projects assigned to every freelancer you are working with, download useful time management apps, give sufficient time to the needs of every freelancer, and other things you think can help you manage time.

If you fail to manage time smartly, then you will acquire a very bad reputation as a lousy client.

7. Good Clients Know The Real Value Of Their Projects

Another great feature of good clients is their appreciation for the real value of their projects. He knows what price is fair and that freelancers who are underpaid usually produce the poor quality of work.

Because of the aforementioned reason, you will find that good client do not crib too much on the price. These people will negotiate to a reasonable degree, but will not compromise on quality. In fact, such clients often invite freelancers to name their price first without imposing on them any fixed, non-negotiable price.

8. Amenable To Finding Solutions

Instead of playing the blame-game, good clients engage in the problem-solving process with freelancers.

Whenever they are apprised of any problem with respect to a project, they actively participate in coming up with solutions. These clients know very well that the priority is the project and therefore, problem-resolution should be taken up first.

9. Appreciating Good  Work

If you are one of those rude, condescending clients who think that freelancers should be thankful to you for the work you give, then you should not expect much appreciation from the outside world.

Nobody likes boorish, forever-critical clients. You should strive for a positive approach towards freelancers. In simple words, appreciate good work and enhance the morale of freelancers whenever apt. Even when you criticise, do it in such way so as to not discourage freelancers.

10. Keep Your Network Well-Connected And Harmonious

Even after the project has been executed and you no longer need the services of a freelancer, there is no harm in saving his contacts for future purposes.

Keeping communication intact with freelancers, even after work, projects an agreeable image of yours and people will stay connected with you. These freelancers will have their own professional network which can provide you with knowledge on talented freelancers whom you can hire for other projects.

It is infrequent to find good clients in the freelance community, but those who are good know how business is actually operated. These are the individuals who enjoy a good reputation and generate good income. So, if you want to hire qualitative services in the freelance community, you must be like these individuals.

In this article, our aim is to help clients develop certain skills which invariably have huge implications in their freelance business. However, for this vital piece of information to reach out to more people, we would like to have our readers’ help. We will greatly appreciate you for sharing this article. You can also comment your views on it so that we can improve its quality wherever needed.