7 Reasons Why You Should Start a Freelance Career in Fitness Industry

7 Reasons Why You Should Start a Freelance Career in Fitness Industry

Pursuing a freelance career is a gift not everyone can treasure. And those who can, here’s a suggestion – please consider starting a career in the fitness industry. If you want the reasons then read on quickly.

Figures speak…literally!!

Fitness and nutrition is an industry not a lot of people give a thought about, strangely. However, fitness trainers ought to be the most demanding professionals at present, given to the fact that none of us leads healthy lifestyles today, do we? We are fat, and we are getting fatter.

Want figures? Since 1970 obesity rates have doubled in adults and children, both. And this is just a beginning; according to a 2013 -2014 report, obesity rate in the US will surpass 50% by 2030.

Seriously, there are lot of people out there who are in dire need of good and informed fitness trainers and nutritionists. So, if you are a person whose life revolves around valuing a healthy and agile body, and if you also look for change in profession, start a freelance career in fitness industry and help people loseweight and not mind.

Here’s What You Need to Know before Starting a Freelance Career in Fitness Industry

You will have a lot of possible business opportunities and choices if you decide to venture in the fitness industry. Here are some of the common choices:

  • Zumba instructor, helping people lose weight with fun filled dance routines on popular dance numbers. The dances are combinations of low and high intensity aerobic workouts.
  • Weight Loss Meal Planner, working on menus, scheduling special diet plans for individuals or groups who need specific eating requirements.
  • Fitness Instructor, taking classes to groups of people and make their bodies stronger, leaner and fitter. You have to get a certification from Les Mills or the like. Certifications include Cross Fitness, Body Balance, Pilates and Pop Pilates, Functional Fitness, Body Combat etc.
  • Health Blogger, providing readers with diet tips, fitness guidelines, uploading exercises videos, informing on latest fitness tools and other nutrition based plans.
  • Gym Owner, training clients to lose weight and build muscles with machines and equipment. Manage operations of the gym, promote services and retain customers.
  • Personal Trainer, working with clients one –to-one and helpingthem get back to shape, addressing their health and body related issues, creating diet plans and givingthem complete attention devotionally until desirable results are achieved.
  • Diet Meal Maker and Delivery Service, curating, preparing and delivering three meals a day to people who register for your service. You have to attain a food and nutrition degree for preparing healthy menu based on body types.
  • Yoga Instructor, helping individuals or groups in healing their bodies, both internally and externally through Yogasanas or Yoga postures.

Some of the above professions need more training, time, certification courses and extreme knowledge on health and fitness, but the point is we do need them today, more than ever.

You need more convincing? Ok here are 7 reasons why you should start a freelance career in fitness industry.

7 Reasons Why You Should Be in the Freelance Fitness Industry

1. People are Willing to Pay

Out of 10 people, at least 9 are looking for a solution for their weight problems. And, they are willing to shell out good money if someone guarantees to make them fit to fitter. Obesity brings along many health issues like cardiovascular problems, diabetes, cholesterol, joint problems and so on.

With vigorous lifestyle changes, the issues are only continuing to increase. That’s why more and more people are starting to look out for professionals who can provide them evident weight loss solutions.

2. You will Make a Living By Helping Others

If fitness and staying fit is one of your life goals, why don’t you motivate others to follow the same goal and earn a living? A healthy body is the greatest gift anyone could receive. And, if you are capable to give someone an opportunity to get back the lost health, you definitely should grab the chance.

You are fit, agile and lithe – already a motivation yourself. All you need is planning and marketing your skills to reach out to clients and make them believe that healthy living is probably the best way to lead life.

3. Starting a Freelance Fitness Career is Extremely Cheap and Easy

Getting a fitness business up and running would not cost you much. Depending upon the kind of business you want to get in, this profession is pretty inexpensive, especially in comparison to other trending freelance careers like digital marketing, opening a restaurant or even a boutique.

Your personality and fitness percentage will be a motivation by itself to many. As a fitness instructor, all you would require are your own skill, few certifications and probably two or three equipment. Space would not be a problem as you can take classes in your drawing room, on the roof top, at your client’s place or in a nearby park.

If you choose to be a meal planner or health site owner, you don’t even have to meet clients once your services become known.

4. Fitness Profession is Projected to be One of the Fastest Growing Careers in Next 5 Years

Yes, it is natural for you to worry about your business and investment. But, in the next 5 years, obesity will be one of the biggest life threats that people will face.

By launching a fitness career, rest assure that your business will make a positive change in the world. However, tap a market that is not saturated in your city or locality to garner more clients.

5. Certification from World’s Renowned Fitness Organization

Becoming a Les Mills certified trainer means not only training people with the most modern functional fitness programs, such as body combat and cross fitness, but it also means a continuous support from one of world’s leading fitness education organizations.

6. You Will Have a Thriving Business in No Time

Even a class of 10 people in the beginning is more than enough to start your business. And, once people start seeing the changes within them, you will surely be referred by your clients.

7. You Are Not At the Loss of Losing Jobs

Unlike other freelance vocations, once you get inside the fitness industry, you can switch businesses anytime you want. You can be a personal trainer today and work as a yoga instructor tomorrow.