10 Reasons Why You Are Not Getting Projects on Freelance Sites

10 Reasons Why You Are Not Getting Projects On Freelance Sites

In order to make big in the freelance industry, you need to keep the flow of projects regular. There is no easy and direct way to get projects, and you will have to spend a lot of time curating the right profile, publicizing yourself on various freelance platforms, and upgrading your connections among many other things.  Know the 10 reasons why you are not getting projects on freelance sites.

If you are not getting projects, then you should know that you are not doing something right and must immediately pay attention to it. However, this simple, one-sentence explanation will not suffice, and hence, we have collected and enumerated below 10 reasons why you are not getting enough projects and what you can do to remedy that.

1. A  Lackadaisical Attitude That Work Will Appear Magically

If you want a successful freelancing career, then you cannot be lackadaisical about it.

In case you think








that having a couple of accounts on freelance websites, with an extensive profile and a few application submissions is enough, then you cannot be farther from the truth. That attitude will lead you nowhere.

The solution to this problem you quite stupidly invited in your life is an immediate exploration of opportunities. You should start applying to as many projects as possible, but in the course of doing that, do not become a part of a random application craze.

Choose your applications wisely and apply them. Moreover, you should try establishing correspondence with potential clients and follow-up with those to whom you have submitted applications.

Thinking that all you need to do is to wait for the offers to magically appear is quite stupid, and therefore, you should stop doing that forthwith.

2. Inappropriate Pricing

For various reasons, many freelancers think that reducing their price actually helps in winning more clients. Well, this is not the case as many clients perceive it as a desperate attempt by amateur freelancers—a reputation that none of us would like to have.

To remedy this problem you should completely forget about hourly rates. Instead, always prefer putting up the price per project in accordance with the amount of work and time you are going to invest in the project. This way you will prevent the projection of an inappropriate image and improve your clientele.

3. Excessive Competition

The freelance industry is very competitive—competitive to the point that many freelancers go on a desperate spree to attract clients through cheap pricing and insane giveaways.

It is not a piece of cake to fare well in a competitive industry, but this should not dishearten you. Instead, you should work religiously towards building your reputation. Do compromise too much on pricing, but always remain open to negotiation. Be open about your commitments and keep updating your profile to tackle the harshness of competition smartly and confidently.

4. A Profile Which Does Not Make Complete Sense

It is often seen that freelancers do not entirely update their profiles on freelance platforms where they own accounts. Finishing your profile is the foremost step you take in order to earn money in the virtual space. It is through this page clients will learn about you, your skills, and what you are going to offer them.

The solution to this problem is obvious: complete your profile. You might find it a boring task, considering the variety of details you have to fill in before you start working, but, frankly, you have no option unless you are okay with mediocrity at work. Show some professionalism in the way you operate, and the best and easiest way to show that is through the presentation of yourself in your profile.

For better guidance, you can find many sample profiles online. Study them thoroughly and then create your own profile. Every detail you input is important; so think through it before filling in.

5. Mind The Pitch

Yes, a lot could be gathered from the way you project yourself through your profile and applications.

If your profile and application are all about yourself or are not written in the grammatically correct language, then clients will doubt your abilities, especially when you are applying for a job in content writing.

You might want to get some ideas as to how to tone down your pitch and there are several ways to know that. One convenient way is to search for sample proposals online.

Read plenty of them, find out what your applications are missing and incorporate the same. It may take a while to adapt to a new pitch, but you will get there.

6. Showing An Uninterested Attitude

Your attitude will play a determining role in your career. If you do not have the right attitude while dealing with clients, you can forget about projects.

One common mistake many part-time freelancers make is not taking their freelancing career seriously and showing no genuine interest in taking up projects. Just because you have a permanent job outside the virtual space does not excuse you from not considering your freelance jobs as seriously as one ordinarily should.

Clients are experienced persons and can instantly catch up on your uninterested approach. Show your excitement and interest while corresponding with your clients and make them believe that you are not here just for time-pass.

One of the most effective ways of doing that is by maintaining regular contact with clients and being prompt in your replies. Do not ignore clients, as they will know that you are and you might end up losing a good opportunity which is not very easy to find in a world as competitive as freelancing. So, take your work seriously—for your own sake!

7. Attempting To Outsmart Clients

Many freelancers are under the wrong impression that the outside world cannot get what they are trying to do. They try to outsmart clients by making huge claims about their accomplishments and offers, without considering the consequences of the same.

As noted earlier, the freelance community is competitive and clients expect the best, and thus, you should accept the fact that clients can read your personality even if there is a virtual space between you and them.

The best advice we can offer is to show your absolutely genuine side. You can up your giveaways to an extent to which you can manage, but do not go overboard with that. Be very clear about who you are and what you can do. If you are an overachiever, always be armed with credentials to brush away any misgivings that you are trying to fool around.

8. Awful Profile Description

We have already mentioned the importance of projecting a positive image of yourself through your profile.

One of the first things clients see in your profile is the profile description, and trust us when we say this: most of the freelancers are rejected due to what they do to their profile description.

It is an absolute NO to writing the profile description in the third person, as it sounds egomaniacal. Always write your profile description in the first person. Do not brag too much about yourself and be precise about the professional-self one can expect to work with.

One more thing: do not mess with grammar; people take note of grammatical errors quite instantly and this may affect your chances of getting the project.

9. Wrong Jobs

Wanting to make money online is a good idea, but one should be sure of what they can offer before applying.

Everyone has a definite profile offering a specific set of skills. Do not try putting your hands in everything because that will not lead you anywhere. For example, if you are a story writer, then you should not ordinarily take up jobs as a product description writer, as both jobs require different classes of skills.

While you may have several skills, you should only apply for those jobs in which your best skills can be put to work, as there you can have greater chances of profit-making. Go for the job you are most comfortable with and which matches best with your skill sets.

A well-directed application is usually shortlisted, as it is indicative of the applicant’s focus and involvement in the field of work applied for.

10. Lazy Promotions

Did you think that having an account on mainstream freelance platforms is all you need to showcase your skills in public space? Well, sorry to tell you, but not everyone is on these websites and many clients approach freelancers independently for jobs. Thus, it becomes important to promote your profile on social media. (1)

The best way to increase your outreach is through a website. Create a website of your own and use it to promote your skills on social media. Having a website will boost credibility and enhance your reputation as a professional freelancer.