Top 17 Sites To Find Remote Jobs


Long gone are the days when getting a cabin to work in was a dream come true. Today, there are many who do not want to work within the confines of a cubicle or cabin (does not really matter!) because the world has changed and you can work sitting at a remote place with good Internet connectivity and a cup of hot coffee by your side.

Studies show that the 21st century has witnessed an unprecedented migration of workers from traditional, office-based jobs to remote based freelance jobs. This large-scale migration is credited to the rapid development and permeation of technological advancements, particularly the Internet, which has enabled people to explore job opportunities and earn without having to relocate.

While all of this sounds good, it should also be noted that there has been a marked increase in competition among people vying for good-paying remote jobs. Naturally, there are many websites where you will find them competing. In this article, we are going to let you know about these websites.

You can choose whichever website that suits you, but your concerns should be to maximize your earnings by competing efficiently. These websites are populated with many jobs and there are many takers for the same—you must stand out!

With this, let us take a look at 17 websites you should be checking out while finding remote jobs:

1. Remote OK

Remote OK gives the clue in its name itself, and so you know what you will be getting here. The website has a base of nearly a million remote workers, and the numbers are increasing very fast. If you do not believe their claims, you can check the live traffic updates.

The website ensures that you are updated about every job posting on the forum. All job postings are posted on the site and also emailed to its users. It also does live job postings through mainstream social networking websites such as Facebook and Twitter.

Like any other job search websites, it offers its users to customize search results to a specific title, qualification requirements, positive level, and others. There is no dearth of the options available to all the jobs are only a few clicks away.

2. Remotive

Remotive is slightly different from most of the websites we have on the list because it is essentially a newsletter. Once you are inRemotive’s system, you will receive weekly newsletters providing extensive details of the remote job positions available.

In addition to newsletters, it does the regularposting of jobs on its board which usually features positions in the field of sales, marketing, and engineering. Since it is a new entrant, you might want to know more about it and hence, we recommend that you check out their blog page.

Remotive has one of the most interactive professional communities across the Internet and hence, we strongly recommend to give it a try.

3. Virtual Vocations

Virtual Vocations has one of the largest databases of remote jobs on its platform. It conducts a very rigorous selection process and hence, getting on this platform can really push up your career prospects.

Here, you can expect to find a variety of job postings such as Education, Accounting, travel, and Business services. If you are interested in providing services relating to virtual assistance such as Copywriting, Social media management,and others, then you will find plenty of them over here.

You can access basic features of this website for free. But if you want to gain access to the entire abundance of this platform, then you should upgrade your account to premium. There are many plans to choose from, and you may want to start with a monthly subscription.


IT professionals looking forward to working remotely can find many opportunities on this platform. It is a website specially engineered to cater to the needs of IT professionals, but the job positions are usually contractual in nature.

Despite most of the work being contractual in nature, you can happen to work with some of the well-established companies in the world. The website has a global outreach and all you need is an impressive set of skills to gain work.

5. Dribble

Dribble is a fancily named website for really fancy people—graphic designers and everyone else involved in creative work. It is one of the most thriving online communities of digital designers who are often recruited by clients wanting to work with designers from across the world.

You would find many big companies posting jobs and hiring designers. The platform has been tailored to find the perfect client or freelancer for you, and its charges are very less. It is the convenient interface, a plethora of work opportunities, and fewer charges that make Dribble one of the highest performing websites for remote workers.


One of the biggest names in the freelance community, Freelancer is perhaps a jackpot for those looking for any kind of remote jobs. It has a community of more than 13 million users and offers a huge range of features which help it distinguish itself from other in competition.

On this website, you get the option to customize search results, participate in contests, get certifications, and what not. You will not get tired of rummaging through its database of job opportunities which keeps getting larger and better every day. It does not matter what kind of job you are looking for—it is all here

7. Fiverr

Another gigantic freelance marketplace is Fiverr which allows you to purchase and market services for a minimum $5. It is a fun platform where your services come as a part of a ‘Gig’. Confused? Let us explain.

Once you sign up on Fiverr, you are required to create a ‘Gig’ which is basically a statement of what you are willing to offer for minimum $5. It is like offering plans to clients and letting them decide whether your plan is exciting enough.

You perform well on Fiverr and everyone else gets to know about it. You need to aim to get as many good ratings as possible so that your reputation improves and more work comes your way.

8. Guru

Guru is another powerhouse in the freelance community and is home to millions of users. Thousands of job postings are made every month, and there is no dearth in the variety of jobs available.

You will work in as many areas as you can think of such content writing, information technology, voice-over, translation, software development, graphic designing, and others. Keep providing good work, get fancy ratings, and you will be the among the best.

9. Outsourcely

If you are looking for long-term remote work opportunities, then we recommend Outsourcely. The very purpose of this website is to offer full-time work opportunities to remote workers.

What makes Outsourcely stand out is the fact that it does not extract any fee from either employers or freelancers when hiring happens. Moreover, you can select from a huge range of job opportunities such as design, marketing, sales,and others.

To ensure that the communication channels between clients and employers are swift, the website offers many creative tools such as video and chat messaging services as well as real-time customer support service to assist users whenever the need be.

10. Idealist

In case you are one of those who are charitable in nature but cannot afford to stay far from your family and friends, then there is a website called Idealist designed especially to cater to your needs.

You may have your own areas of interests such as participation in raising public awareness about sanitation, and it is quite likely that you will find a remote work related to that on this website. All you need to do is select the “remote” option as your location and the rest of the job is that of the website’s.

11. Upwork

It is highly unlikely that you have not heard of Upwork, which holds the crown for being one of the most popular freelance platforms across the globe. It was previously known as oDesk and has amassed a reputation of having a high performing client and freelancer base.

It is free to use the website. Sign up and create an account enumerating all necessary details for the reference of the clients. However, you can only connect to the maximum 60 clients every month, and at the end of every month, you will get a fresh set of 60 connects.

There is no shortage of work on Upwork. You can find remote jobs for content writing, software development, graphic designing, and others. To ensure that you get noticed, you should consider taking many of the websites’ proficiency tests whose results are used to determine most qualified candidates.

12. Jobspresso

Blessed with a simple-to-use interface, qualitative client-base, and an eye-catching portmanteau, Jobspresso is one of the best places to find remote jobs online. The team working behind the website is known to ensure that job updates are legitimate, and they ensure this legitimacy by undertaking thorough background checks.

One of the best features of the website is that it organizes job postings in categories, making it easier for you to find relevant jobs and avoid wasting time. Moreover, the website is constantly updated, and hence, you will only see open job positions.

13. Crossover

There are only a few websites which offer full-time remote work opportunities online, and Crossover is one of them.

The website caters to both regional and remote jobs, and many of these jobs are offered by big companies. Because of its reputation among reputed companies, you are expected to land up with a high-paying job. Plus, you get to choose from a variety of categories which area you want to work in.

14. The Muse

Talking about big companies offering job openings, The Muse is a website you should keep an eye for.

The Muse is blessed with an interactive interface and abundance of information about all major companies and clients it featureson its platform. In order to assist its users in making informed decisions, the website also provides informative content about itself and how to go about finding work.

15. FlexJobs

FlexJobs has been there for 10 years and is growing stronger and bigger. It puts up thousands of job postings from reputed companies. Thee postings have been classified under many heads such as full-time, part-time, entry-level, etc and hence, it is easier to find what you are looking for.

Unlike many other websites, FlexJobs is not a free platform. You will have to pay a certain sum every month—which could be a downer for many. However, upon payment, you can get access to a plethora of high paying and scam free jobs without ads. Benefits of using FlexJobs include the website-special resume and skill tests.

16. AngelList

This is the age of startups, which have pumped-up competition and increased job opportunities for people across the globe. One of the websites which track vacancies In start-ups is AngelList, and if you are interested, then you know your direction.

Once you are on the website, select “Apply” or “Interested”. Your selection will be immediately notified to the startup. In case that startup is also interested, then you will get a “match”.

17. Indeed

Indeed is a popular job board operational online and has more than 2000 remote job openings. Like most of the websites, you will find job postings divided into categories such as company name, experience leveland salary, and from various professions such as entertainment and education.

Remote jobs have become quite popular these days, but you need to know the right place where work and pay are good. In this article, we have listed the best places where you can find the best of the work.

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