Best Tips for Freelancers in Media & Entertainment Industry

Freelancers in Media & Entertainment

Media & Entertainment Industry is vast, and with time, it keeps on growing bigger and bigger. Many people dream to become a part of this sizzling industry where once you hit off you are assured quite a sum and lifestyle. So, inevitably, many freelancers try their luck in this industry.

Considering the scale and influence of media & entertainment in world economics, you can expect a lot of cut-throat competition in this industry. However, there are no shortcuts to success, but there are always handful tips.

We have a few tips which we think are best for those freelancers who are interested in the media& entertainment industry. Keep these tips in mind, and you can do a lot better than you initially thought you would.

Here are six tips to keep in mind:

1. Decide Your Area

The industry we are talking about is super huge, and there are so many things you can do here. So, first, you need to figure out which area you must freelance in.

There are so many things you can consider: script writing, video-making, poster making, comedian, dance performing, and others. The list will never end, so you better figure out what you want to do.

2. Get Connected On Websites

Once you figure out what you want to do in this industry, you should seriously consider hopping on websites which have been specially tailored to deal with the world of freelancers.

You can consider joining websites such as freelancer,guru, worknhire, and upwork. Also, to ensure that you are well-connected with the professional network out there get an account on LinkedIn.

3. Promote Yourself On The Big Threes

Here are we are talking about Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube. These three are presently the most prominent platforms for selling your skills. You get to showcase your talents to the public and earn alongside.

It is most likely that you have creative skills since you are interested in media & entertainment. If you let the world know who you are, you might start getting offers from the industry. However, keep this in mind that there are millions like you on these websites, so you better stand out from the crowd through the content you present.

4. Start Networking Seriously

Media & Entertainment is a lot about networking. For example, if you are a scriptwriter, write samples and have people read them. Ask them to recommend you to other people and this way more, and more people will get to know you. Word-of-mouth is more powerful than any publicity tool which exists today.

Hand out your business cards wherever you go, especially when you are attending functions, parties, conferences, etc. You may not immediately get work, but most of the people will remember your profile who might end up recommending you.

5. Show Your Creativity in Portfolio

Creativity will take you a long way, and a creatively designed portfolio can be of great use to you. The second thing, after your profile description, which a client sees is a portfolio. If you are able to put in some relevant creative elements in the design of the portfolio, then you might score.

For example, if you are a movie-maker, you can upload short clips from your movies. Give them a nice description to provide a perspective. Similarly, a costume designer should consider uploading sample designs. Writing everything down is good, but that does not necessarily make your portfolio creative—think out of the box.

6. Be Aware Of Bogus Clients

Media & Entertainment industry makes fancy promises, which attract thousands of people towards it. However, this also gives a lot of edge to shady clients to recruit people and exploit them.

For example, if you are a freelance model, you should investigate deep into the modeling agency you would be assigned to. There are a lot of sham modeling agencies which carry out talent management just for the name.

Always keep a watchful eye!

One of the most enticing industries is that of media & entertainment. We all get bedazzled by the shimmery lifestyle which it offers, and many of us end up trying to secure a place in it. But, we cannot jump into a river without learning how to swim. So, any freelancer who wishes to become a part of this industry should pay attention to every step mentioned in this article.

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