The Most Important Tools & Web Apps for Freelancers

the most important tools & web apps for freelancers

When it comes to freelancing, having the right tools to carry out the job activities perfectly will make a difference. Tools do not always mean on-job tools, but freelancers should manage their lot of things including activities, work expenditures and productivity.

As there are a number of tools out there, you may be pondering about the right tool. Here we list out some free resources that will help you to become successful in your freelance career. The following are the list of the best tools and apps for freelancers:

Freelance Time Management Tools

Teux Deux

If your freelancing job involves making to-do lists, then Teux Deux is the right tool for you. It is a highly usable and intuitive app, which can help you in creating and managing task lists.

Rescue Time

If you want to keep track of how you spend your time on a particular task, then Rescue Time would help you in this aspect. For example, if you spent 10 hours on Reddit, then you can figure out you should manage time more wisely this time.


Toggl is a time tracking application that helps you track time with a single click and to switch across multiple tasks. It can also help you in creating reports so that you can emphasize more on productive work. The tool is available as a chrome extension and can be easily installed in your browser.

Freelance Writing Tools


Freelance, especially writers require a suit of office tools for their personal computer. While Google docs is an alternative, many people like storing documents on their hard drive. OpenOffice consists of a full suite of tools that are similar to Microsoft Office. It is a fully featured writing platform that allows easy exporting to PDF, making it ideal for e-Books, guides, pamphlets and other docs that can be easily shared on the PDF format. The tool enables you to choose fonts and other tools including charts, formatting, etc.

Logline App

Logline app is an interesting option for writing screenplays, long and comprehensive e-Books. Infact, it is a great tool for anyone who is into freelance writing and use content marketing to grow their business. Logline helps to organize ideas and chapters in few clicks. You can also write notes and organize sections without combining .doc or .pdf files till the book is complete.

Freelance Organizational Tools


Dropbox allows you to sync all files on all devices with an easy drag-n-drop system. With this tool, you will not get stuck not finding an essential file you need: sync all your files with dropbox and your business file will be in the cloud, accessible from any of your devices.


It allows you to turn piles of receipts and business cards into expense reports, accounting entries and contact lists. The tool will save your time and cut admin costs by scanning and extract the data from your paper clutter. Free plan is also available but if you want to take full advantage of the full suite of Shoebox features multiple times a month, you should upgrade to a premium plan.

Oh Don’t Forget

If you’re someone who gets many emails and voicemails, then Oh Don’t Forget would be the right option for you. It helps you to get reminders via  text format. With an ODF account you can text reminders at any time of the day and since these are coming to your phone, you will be more likely to check and remember them.

Freelance Project Management Tools


It is the best alternative to BaseCamp. The tool consists of all the options including project templates. So, if you are thinking to use a platform of this kind, then definitely you should check out freedcamp first.


Whenever good ideas strike, it is difficult to keep track of them. In today’s world, you should recall tons of information and are exposed to new information. Evernote helps you capture good ideas, images or audio clips from your PC and then syncs them for easy retrieval and edits, no matter where you are. Don’t skip away a good idea because of your busy schedule, let Evernote keep track of your moments of creativity, so that you can come back and review it later.


Helium is a simple task management system that helps you in clearing your inbox, assigning and delegating tasks easily. You need not require connecting Helium to web, all that you need is to download for your PC or Mac. It can be easily connected to your corporate email and Evernote account. More on, you can use Helium to assign tasks regardless of other users use Helium or not, it is completely independent on others to have an account with the platform to use the benefits. The tool consist a clean interface and a drag-n-drop dashboard for easy management.

Freelance Entrepreneurial Tools


With good interface and excellent tools, Mint is a popular tool for people looking to manage the money. The tool has all the features and information will be represented in the form of detailed posts, infographics and case studies.

Streamer App

It is a good app that allows you to create custom dashboards for important aspects. These include integration with Web Analytics, infrastructure, CRM support, project management and sales tools.


ContactMe allows you to integrate all your contacts, business information into one convenient online system. ContactMe helps you stay updated with tasks, details, deadlines and appointments. It is surely a time savor allowing you to maintain your business more professionally.


DeskTime is an ideal tool for business owners, developers, designers, accountants, freelancers and entrepreneurs. The tool allows you to track people you are employing and automatically creates timesheets, lowers payroll processing costs, and lets you see who is working for how many hours and at what time. DeskTime is must have tool for business owners and freelancers.

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