7 Ultimate Tips for Freelance SAP Consultants

7 Ultimate Tips for Freelance SAP Consultants

2018 is a year great for freelancers! It’s a fact that freelancing is steadily rising due to the automation of so many business sectors as well as due to the colossal change in business culture.

The number of people venturing into freelancing career is really massive. People in technical field can also make their career a freelance one. In fact technical developers are paid better for individual projects at present than what they usually earn as full time employees.

Today, our focus is on freelance SAP technologists and how they can prosper in the freelance world. SAP is the biggest European software producer that specialises in business software applications, implemented in projects that lasts more than average project development months. SAP projects are usually deployed by SAP consultants and developers.

7 Ultimate Tips for Freelance SAP Consultants

Read on to find out the 7 most important tips which will help you grow in your career as a freelancer.

Okay, Start Making Friends… Get to Know People

As a SAP freelancer, it is necessary that you build connections with different companies who look out regularly for SAP consultants. Associate with at least 3 – 4 such clients and strengthen your bond.

Having long term clients in your profile will make you, as a consultant, more popular, reliable and professional. One of the best ways you can establish trust amongst your clients is by staying socially active in places like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and through your website.

SAP is an interesting subject; you can have your own blog site that talks about various topics related to SAP. This will not only enhance your subject knowledge but will also make you look like an experienced consultant.

Frequently share your own blogs or SAP related articles to your clients, create a strong portfolio and have your contact details in public to stay in the lime light.

Get Associated with Recruiters for SAP Projects

As you will move forward in the journey as a freelance SAP consultant, looking for new projects and new clients every time would be a tough challenge. Here’s where you can get the help of online recruiting companies.

It’s a reminder that unlike working in a corporate, you won’t have access to client data and other marketing tools as an independent consultant. So, you have to continually seek out new clients by your own means.

Online recruiters are associated with many companies with SAP project requirements. They have both short term as well as long term projects. However, each client will have separate requirements and needed SAP skills.

The best you could do is having a full proof portfolio containing your recently completed SAP projects. When a recruiter asks for your sample, by having a portfolio you will have something to present for sure. A list of reference clients where your projects were successful will act as a cherry on the top of a cake.

Get Help from the Experienced

Once your clientele grows, you will be flooded with various projects, with different requirements and specializations. Some of them would be easy and some would be hard.

The most challenging part of being a freelancer is not having a manager or leader to mentor you. There would be times when you would feel stuck in a particular project, not knowing how to implement it. This is where your connections come to your rescue.

Seek advice from senior freelance SAP experts for difficult projects, especially, during your initial years as a SAP consultant. Don’t hesitate to learn new things; after all it will just add knowledge to your experience. However, don’t forget to return the favour whenever you can.

Save For the Storm and Lean Days

You will definitely face lean periods in your business. Not always a project stays for long. You will work on projects with different time line. Sometimes, the work would over flow and at times there wouldn’t be any projects at all.

So make sure you organize everything ahead of time, from budget to time of submission. Quote different price for individual projects, based on their difficulty. For example, if a big project is needed to be completed within a short time, ask for more money. You can also charge your client son hourly basis as well, especially when they ask you to come over and work from their office.

Some of the earnings should go in to your savings for the rainy days. Prepare yourself to face contingencies such as wedding holidays, medical bills or even days with zero project requirements.

Gauge Your Rates Competitively

Don’t oversell, neither undersell. You should know your brand value. It is very important as a freelancer that you know how much your skill is worth in the market. SAP consultants are usually paid well; however, you should also learn to gauge your rates based on the requirements.

If a project is not ready to pay you well, don’t succumb to pressure and say yes. Don’t sell your skills at a price lower than your value no matter the circumstances.

Always quote a rate leaving a leeway for negotiations. Don’t hesitate to ask for more if a project is too tedious and is or will be getting extended due to sudden changes in client’s requirements.

Grow Your Knowledge

Technology evolves quite frequently these days. As a SAP freelancer, you will come across well-paying projects that may require you to learn new skill or new software.

It is important that you stay updated with the latest SAP trends or technological inventions so that you are frequented by projects that are unconventional and that pay you more.

New skills translate more profit. If you have something more to give, more than other SAP consultants, you will automatically be on demand. And when you are on demand, you can easily increase your charges.

Share Your Experience through Blogs

With all the great projects under your wing, you should be able start sharing your experience with your audience and readers. Each project would have different phases, challenges, protocols and clients.

When you start sharing your experiences in the form of information for aspiring consultants, you would be recognised as an expert in the field. With right information and correct attitude, you should be able to inspire many novices and become not only a SAP consultant but also a notable SAP expert and mentor.