7 Reasons Why Women Make Better Freelancers

7 Reasons Why Women Make Better Freelancers

The freelance industry transcends all social and economic boundaries and allows every person to participate in and earn from various opportunities it has to offer. Thus, it does not really matter whether you are a male or a female; what matters is that you are able to deliver what you are expected to deliver.

Despite the free and indiscriminate environment the industry endeavors to offer, you might end up knowing instances where discrimination has occurred—this is particularly in case of female freelancers who are often harassed over their gender and are subject to stereotypical presumptions relating to their inferiority to male counterparts.

The world is changing, and along with it, the views of people are going through a progressive transition, but there are elements prevalent in every community that tend to develop chasm on the basis of gender.

However, we strongly condemn such activities and would like to convey to the world out there that women have come out as successful and equally capable individuals when it comes to undertaking activities in any industry, especially the freelance industry.

The freelance industry knows better than any other that women make better freelancers than male freelancers. Women are bestowed with certain characteristics which help them create a distinguishing impression on clients, and thus, they are better in many aspects.

In this article, we have noted down 7 reasons why women make better freelancers, and all the chauvinists and misogynists out there should pay attention to what we have to tell them.

1. Sticklers for detail

Women are very patient and particular about details. They want the work assignment to be done in the best manner possible, leaving not even an iota of mediocrity. It is their patience and specificity that help women stand out in the freelance arena.

Clients love to get assignments that are complete in every aspect, and guess who is extremely good with that!

2. Women are more responsive

One of the most vital skills a freelancer must have is responsiveness. Clients, who work with work-from-home freelancers, want to establish permanent and regular contact so that no work gets delayed and all other necessary information is timely communicated. Therefore, responsiveness on the part of a freelancer is extremely needed.

Women freelancers tend to be more responsive than men counterparts. She is more likely to make changes or re-do the work than a male counterpart, and this way, women are considered more open to channelizing and improving their productivity in work.

Responsiveness is a strong indicator that women handle feedback positively and are ready to improve upon their work.

3. Women are good at marketing themselves

We all know the gospel truth about marketing without which one cannot find any space in the highly competitive freelance industry.

It is imperative that freelancers, rookie or professional, market themselves consistently to maintain a public profile and attract offers from clients.

Marketing strategy requires the freelancer to communicate his intentions, credentials, and requirements comprehensibly. You need to be simple, uncondescending and moderately personal—in all these areas, women have been performing better.

Women freelancers are able to communicate with the help of a perfect blend of personal and professional tones making it easier for clients to figure out important aspects of the freelancer.

Well, we are not making baseless presumptions; stats show that women freelancers are great at marketing themselves!

4. Multi-tasking is a women’s forte

While both men and women are generally able to multitask similarly, the latter tend to outperform the former frequently.

Women freelancers are good at performing several tasks simultaneously. They will be willing to write articles, market on social media platforms, communicate personally to people on behalf of the clients, and what not.

While multitasking, the greatest apprehension is the potential downfall of quality of the work assigned. It is usually found that the quality of the work is not affected by undertaking multiple tasks except when we are not at all serious about the job.

So, in case you are wondering to hire a male or a female freelancer for several of your assignments of varied natures, then you know who should be given preference.

5. Demonstration of creativity at its best

You cannot survive long if there is a great deficit of creativity on your part. When clients assign work to freelancers, they expect a number of things such as punctuality, completeness of work, and very importantly, creativity.

You must be able to tweak likable changes to the work that do not completely deviate from the stipulated guidelines and serve the purpose of the work assignment.

Both men and women can be equally creative, but women usually employ creative ideas more than men. For example, in freelance writing jobs, women are able to make use of more creative and expressive vocabulary than men.

The reason is that men tend to follow the direct line of presentation, whereas women tend to be more descriptive.

6. Empathy is a key element

We all know the stereotype that women are unreasonably empathetic—well, yes, they are and this helps them immensely in their careers. You might wonder how empathy is useful in a professional environment such as freelance industry; we will tell you how.

Empathy is a key attribute in which the person is able to appreciate and share feelings of the other person. When you are working in a professional environment, you are collaborating with many people who may have issues regarding a plethora of things.

If you are empathetic, you will be able to convey a feeling of security and understanding to the other side and thus improving inter-personal and inter-professional rapport.

Taking into account all this, you will find females performing better as freelance writers, consultants or virtual assistants.

7. Women can be okay with less sleep

Yeah, we know it sounds strange, but that is the truth, friend. Men are usually less accommodating to the idea of less sleep than women. While both, male and female, will work equally hard but when it comes to sleep, women tend to have greater control.