A Remarkable Freelance Proposals all you Need to Boost Responsiveness

Remarkable Freelance Proposals All You Need To Boost Responsiveness

It doesn’t matter what kind of profession you are in, even if you are a Freelancer or a seasoned veteran, or working full time, convincing potential clients that you are ideal for the given job is always a big headache.

Freelancing is a difficult job, irrespective of the industry. Part of your time is spent on finding new jobs, new gigs and landing new clients unless you have an agent or enough referrals to keep a steady flow of jobs coming your way.

An instrument to win the best projects and double your income as a freelancer is writing a strong freelance proposal that can even beat experienced professionals.

Not many of us consider writing an exceptional proposal, we often skip the part and let it get wasted. But if we do it right, a great proposal will do 60% of your marketing work and will make your clients want you more than you want them.

Your Proposal Should Contain Meaningful Solutions for Your Clients; If It’s a Personalised Communication, it’s Even More Better.

Keeping that in mind, we have crafted proven tips to write a perfect freelance proposal.

5 Tips to Write a Winning Freelance Proposal (Email)

Remember that in this cutthroat competition, you have to show your best. Anything less will not get you very far in your freelance career.

1. Impress them at The Entrance

It is important that you make a strong entrance; it should be captivating and exciting enough to kindle immediate interest in your client’s mind. You have to add value to the proposal, and the best way to do so is by showing a trailer of it.

To begin with, start finding the right job or gig on sites like Upwork, Remote.co, LinkedIn, Freelancer and Content.

The key to success here is reaching out to potential clients quickly after they have posted a job request. Contacting ASAP will increase your chances of landing the job first.

Tips for Cold Email Proposals

  • The opening line should demonstrate the purpose of your service. (Example: here are 5 ways I can drive traffic through PPC)
  • This shows that you have a proven strategy and have done your homework well.
  • The initial email should contain no more than 100 words
  • Lightly touch each of your steps, highlighting your skills, strengths, and experience.
  • Quickly showcase your strongest abilities to explain why you’re qualified for the job.
  • Show your creativity in the job. Example: a quick wireframe for a web developer; 100 words SEO blog content for a writer; sketch of a logo for a designer and so on.

2. Tailor Your Strengths and Sell Them

It’s your duty to tailor your services to that particular job, whatever it may be you are applying for. You have to learn to highlight your most attractive skills in a specific way to fulfill the requirement. If you hone this, you will probably go a long way in your career.

For instance, if you are a content writer and have acute content marketing skills, you can lean on those skills and sell yourself as a strong content marketer, instead of just a freelance writer.

If you are a make-up artist and specialize in Indian wedding makeup & styling, show them your previous works that align with the theme (or outfit) they are going to choose for their wedding.

Keep your proposal short and don’t discuss irrelevant and unrelated strengths. Don’t cramp up everything in a proposal, consider listing only two or three skills that relate to this particular job. And elaborate on them.

3. Anticipate a Question and Answer it Before You Are Asked

Okay, not all employers will give you a through and through the list of expectations about their project. Most of them would be vague and may even confuse you. However, you should capitalize on this vagueness and create opportunities by showing off your knowledge and experience.

Confidently Close the Deal:

Even before the question & answer session starts, show your clients that you can very well identify the key problems in that particular job and propose solutions proactively.

Make them realize that you already have found a way to close the deal.

For instance one of the common questions that most employers ask is “have you done a similar kind of project before?”  You have to anticipate such FAQs and come up with suitable answers proactively, even before they get a chance to directly ask you.

Your best bet would be trying to imagine yourself in their shoes to help anticipate questions. Few things to consider are:

  • Unspoken issues they might experience
  • Existing disjointed problems in their on-going project or operation
  • Address concerns in the project that they may not be aware of

However, if you are already an expert in the domain, you’ll know what kinds of issues or expectations typically arise.

4. Include Relevant Work Samples

Include what is best and most relevant for the job criteria. As we always say personalization is the key to success, in any job or business. Your portfolio or work samples should speak for themselves. Make sure you pick the best-fit two or three from the lot.

Briefly explain how your work helped the previous client accomplish business objectives. Employers are eager to hire those people that have formerly worked on a similar project. It creates a sense of reliability.

If you are a new freelancer and don’t have relevant samples to show off, create few. Build a portfolio, such as a written example blogs, design logos, try styling your friends, click photographs, design clothes, produce things and so on.

5. Create a Visually Appealing Layout

Your freelance proposal should be crisp, well organized and aesthetically pleasing.  Even before your client starts reading your proposal, they will form an opinion about it just by the looks of it.

Use Tools:

You will most probably be dependent on Microsoft Word to state your proposal. However, there are special apps such as Bidsketch, which gives a visual edge and something snazzier to an ordinary word document.

We also recommend FreshBooks if you believe in sending out proposals in the body of your emails. Visual layouts give an opportunity to communicate, which is extremely essential for personal branding. (1)

We are sure following these tips will help any freelancer develop an effective email proposal. You can also add your creativity.