Learn How to Become a Mailman

How to Become a Mailman

Mailman jobs require little or no education or previous experience. It offers excellent compensation and benefits. Mailman, also known as postal carrier or postman, works for the post office. They deliver mails and packages to companies and residences of people. Like any other job, a mailman career depends on an individual’s personality, lifestyle, and skill set. Know how to become a mailman.

Mail carriers work hard to earn their wages. They do much more than delivering mails. They put in long hours, arrive at their postal office, complete their routes, and then go back from work. Taking up Mailman jobs, let you feel that you are not adequately compensated for their jobs, but as they gain experience on the job and once their pay increases, the job becomes more attractive.

Mailman Job Description

Mailman jobs require you to spend more work hours outside. This is why the job is physically demanding. To take up a mailman career, you need not have very high educational requirements. You can start working after a high school diploma. A mailman is supposed to go to the office and sort out the mails by address and streets.

It takes three hours to sort mails. The rest of the day is spent on delivering the mail. In addition to delivering mails, a mailman addresses the queries of the customers regarding postal services. They issue a change of address cards.

Below are the primary responsibilities of a Mailman

A Mailman

  • Sets up a route and deliver mails.
  • Arranges mails in delivery order
  • Delivers mails and packages to people and companies in cities and rural areas.
  • Secures the envelopes, parcels, and mail
  • Collects the mails to be sent
  • Leaves a note on the customer’s door in case they are not available to receive the packages.
  • Sells money orders and stamps.
  • Addresses the customer queries on postal regulations

How to Become a Mailman in Steps

Becoming a mailman can be achieved in a short time.

Step 1: Earn a High School Diploma

Though it is not important, earning a high school diploma is the basic requirement of becoming a mailman. Going to high school and obtaining a high school diploma helps an individual to build his self-confidence. A high school diploma helps in language skills.

Step 2: Hunt for Job and Apply for Vacant Positions

Now that you have a high school diploma, research on the job roles of a mailman and see if the career is suitable for you. If so, then the next thing is to hunt for a job and apply. Some listings are kept at the local postal office; however, most applications are made online.

Step 3: Match the Job Requirement

Educational qualification, physical fitness, reading ability, and driving record are the basic requirements expected of a mailman. However, based on your locality, there might be other requirements.

For example, the US Postal Service demands the candidates to be citizens or legal residents of the United States. They demand the candidate to be 18 years old or 16 years old with a high school diploma. One has to be fit to lift around 30 kg at once. Having a driving license is a must.

Step 4: Prepare to Pass the Interview

Once you have applied for the job, met the requirements, then you will receive a call for an interview. Prepare for your interview. Familiarize with the questions in Exam 473 and solve the past questions. Schedule your exam and pass it in it.

If your application has been accepted, you will get an invite to appear for an online test of Exam 473. This test will take about 90 minutes. If you have performed well in the online test but not given an offer letter, don’t worry at all. This result is valid for six years. However, if your score is below 120, you need to reappear or Exam 473 within 120 days.

Step 5: Clear the Drug Screening and Criminal Background Check

Clearing the drug test and criminal background check is the final step to becoming a postal carrier. You should appear physically fit and with sound health. Needless to say, you should be away from illicit substances and alcohol.

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Skill Required to Become a Mailman

A mailman should exhibit excellent communication skills as they deal with the customers and provide information and sell postal products and services. They should be professional and hold a strong work ethic for the timely delivery of the mails.

A mailman should show good organizational skills for making the routes quick and efficient. They should be physically fit so that they are able to work long hours and adapt to all kinds of weather.

How Much Does a Mailman Make

Aspirants who wonder ‘how much does a mailman make a year‘ should understand that it depends on the years of experience. Mail carriers are offered better pay as per their experience. According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics(1), the mailman salary (Mean annual wage) is $51,870 with a mean hourly wage of $24.89 as of 2018.

Bottom Line

You make money while smiling at customers and delivering their packages and mails secured(2). You can become a mailman in a short time, provided you meet up with the requirements and apply for the same.