A Guide on How to Become a Soldier


Soldiers are a part of the armed services of the United States, who help in protecting and guarding the country’s interests. They execute an extensive diversity of responsibilities from counseling to operations. The Armed Forces usually need many applicants to have at least a school diploma. Army officers then select a specialization, such as engineering, mechanics, or healthcare, and pursue a college education in that area. A bachelor’s degree is the minimum degree of education preferred usually expected of a career for generals.

Soldiers need plenty of self-discipline, loyalty and confidence, as well as physical fitness. Good teamwork skills and effective communication are crucial, as are quick reflexes and the ability to use your own initiative. Completing an academic course in this area can lead to a profession in military intelligence.

Soldier Job Description

Soldier Job Description is as Mentioned Below:

  •   Soldiers in the U.S. Army shoulder the responsibility of protecting themselves, each other, and the United States from domestic terrorists and foreign enemies
  •   Manage, instruct and organize subordinate soldiers
  •   Exercise and train using an extensive variety of military tactics and equipment
  •   Take orders from commandants and follow them without questions
  •   Protect and defend individuals.
  •   They are responsible for human resource functions, legal matters, engineering, computer technology, medical care, and even entertainment for the troops.

Skills you Require

  •   Stamina and physical fitness are essential
  •   Sense of responsibility – you are in command and you alone are responsible for your staff
  •   Flexibility and adaptable to change – the very nature of the armed forces means that you may be relocated from one base to another at short notice and even to the other side of the world.
  •   Although you will be leading from the front you need to be able to work as part of- and support your team
  •   Supported vehicle maintenance, RF support, and Information Specialists.
  •   They must be forward-thinking, innovative, and aggressive, both in understanding how warfare is evolving and in adapting training to meet challenges.

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Training for a Soldier

Training is one of the key functions of each of the services within the Department of Defense. To become a soldier you typically have to finish 10 year in mathematics or English. You will even require to effectively complete a series of medical assessments and aptitude tests. Following employment and selection in the Army as a general applicant, you would have to commence specific army training.

Education Information and Soldier Salary

Joining the Army will be the most significant choice of your life. Your responsibility will be to protect your country, and the American way of life, no matter the odds, no matter what the expense is. To become a soldier you will need a degree and particular GCSE qualifications.

To be a soldier, you should be between 18 and 33 years of age. If you are below 18, you will need consent from a guardian or parent to join the army. These are important but they deliver a good groundwork for a diversity of occupations in the fire service, police and armed forces. Military education programs are accessible at degree levels from a bachelor’s course to a master’s degree.

Soldiers as such, not only earn a basic salary, they even get extra income to pay for food and housing, and for doing dangerous jobs. The median salary of a soldier depends on the individual’s ranks and on the years of experience. The U.S Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) has estimated the average job growth of 8% for soldiers between 2015-2024. This forecast is lesser than average when associated with other occupations in the U.S.

Working Conditions for a Soldier

Soldiers can be posted to regional or capital cities of the United States and are expected to attend in a diversity of formations and units throughout their careers. Soldiers serve in the Army 24 hours a day, seven days a week for the duration of their service commitment.

As a soldier you might have to travel nationally and perhaps worldwide while in the Army. They might work longer hours to meet work responsibilities. They typically work outdoors. Working conditions do vary, as living in a field environment is very different to life in the Army. They have to wear military uniforms and carry grenade launchers, rifles and military inspection equipment. They might travel locally or globally to support tragedy relief courses.(1)

Bottom Line:

Soldiers might hold numerous different kinds of jobs. Service in the soldier needs a strong mind, soul and body. You should be prepared to make a pledge to your nation, and you will be given the opportunity to learn the necessary skills and acquire the knowledge that will last a lifetime. Soldiers in the U.S. Army accept the responsibility of defending themselves, each other, and the country from foreign enemies and domestic terrorists.