Career Information on How to Become a UPS Driver

UPS Driver

UPS drivers are fittings in every neighborhood, steering their trucks through all weather conditions and bringing packages with impressive effectiveness. UPS driver jobs are challenging. These jobs are so high-quality, they’re hard to come by.

It takes both luck and skill to land a career as a UPS driver. As a UPS driver, you will have to handle the physical demands of carrying packages and the logistical requirements of driving a truck. That’s why the UPS package delivery driver necessities are strict. One attractive feature of applying for this job is that a college degree is not required.

Most people start their UPS careers as part-time package drivers or handlers. UPS is even called as people promoting its employees from within. There are many techniques to look out UPS jobs, so support yourself with knowledge on how to get a job at UPS. If you are looking for stable money, remarkable benefits, and a Job, You Can Be Proud of, know the step on how to be a UPS Driver, and become a UPS Driver.

How Long Does It Take to Become a UPS Driver?

To become a UPS driver, you will have to apply online. The best time to apply is in the fall, before the winter holiday season. The recruiter will later call or email you if your application was selected for an open location. You start as an entry-level employee before having the opportunity to become a driver. The hours can be more than 40 hours a week. Overall, it takes 4 years to become a UPS driver.

How to Become a UPS Driver in Steps

Ups driver qualifications are that they should at least be 21 years of age or older, Maintain a sufficient driving record and history, and maintain an adequate driving record and history.

Step 1: High School Diploma

UPS driver needs to have a high school diploma. As per the United States Postal Service (USPS), applicants should have the essential capability in English. Get prepared before applying to the USPS. As per the BLS, applicants must validate their ability to lift 40 pounds and walk for a complete shift without hurting themselves. Emerging a physical fitness routine will be helpful while studying in school.

Step 2: Postal Exam18

The USPS needs that candidates must pass the 473 Postal Exam. This is a written exam that tests candidates in areas like cross-comparison, memory, form completion and coding, and personal characteristics experience. You will have to take practice tests and use study materials.

Step 3: Interview Process

To safeguard that applicants are capable of working for the USPS, the company needs them to go through an interview procedure. The interview consists of greeting and small talk, questions, and answers.

Ups Driver Training

The USPS offers numerous career advancement programs such as a supervisory training program, a decision-making leadership program, and a forward-thinking managerial program. Once USPS drivers finish such programs, they can advance into administrative, field supervision, and planning positions. Mail carriers must be aware in advance that route inclinations are awarded on a superiority basis.

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Ups Driver Careers

You can have a steady workflow and growth as an ups driver. Get more experienced and create a demand for yourself in this business.

UPS doesn’t release any statistics about the percentage of candidates it hires. However, several drivers say that it’s rare to get one of these jobs as an outside applicant. These workers are stationed at UPS storerooms, where they load and unload trucks and sort packages.

How Much Does a UPS Driver Make?

The career and job opportunities span an extensive spectrum of interests, skills, and expertise. Package handlers and helpers, Drivers and mechanics, Customer solutions and sales, IT, Corporate and Logistics, and operations are few of the careers in UPS.

The U.S Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) has projected the average job growth of 7% for ups driver in 2022. This projection is slower than average when compared with other occupations in the U.S. However, the demand for experienced ups driver among customers is rising.

The U.S Statistics (BLS) shows that the average ups driver salary is $57,886.40 per year.

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Ups Driver Job Description

Ups Drivers are responsible for bringing packages to customers in a professional and timely manner. An effective resume for Ups Driver mentions responsibilities(1) such as carrying bags, communicating customers, driving trucks, reporting to managers, and getting back to the hub at the end of the day.

Skills You Require

  • Ability to often lift to70-lbs (32-kg) by yourself
  • Ability to move packages up to 150-lbs (68-kg) by yourself
  • Comfortable working in a physically-demanding and fast-paced warehouse and sorting atmosphere
  • Comfortable working with the container trailers, delivery trucks, and comparable equipment.
  • Able to work with automatic manual rollers and conveyor belts
  • Must be able to work with and recognize postal codes, direction-finding maps, and charts
  • Must be Bondable


UPS knows time is money, and it is fixated with using facts to increase productivity. Becoming a seasonal driver won’t certainly earn you a spot as an enduring driver, but it’s an excellent chance to get a foot in the door at UPS.