How to Become an Uber Driver

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Most Americans have ditched self-driving and have chosen Uber Taxis or something similar for work-home commuting. To maintain a healthy work-life balance in the rapidly competitive economic gig, working professionals prefer flexibility, comfort, and speed over luxury. Uber and other share taxi companies have commendably attributed to these aspects. And, this has led to increasing demand for professional drivers.

Many Americans make a great living from driving, such as a truck. However, if you are associated with Uber, you will inevitability become a businessperson, as Uber gives you a career opportunity to use your car to drive people around and earn money rapidly. If you have a car, you can learn how to start driving for Uber and make more than what you have been as a professional driver.

In this blog, you will get first-hand information on Uber license requirements, Uber driver qualifications, and know-how to become an Uber driver.

How to Work for Uber

There are three ways you can make money through Uber Driving. They are:

Driver cum Owner

If you have your car, you can become a driver owner at Uber. The essential requirements to start driving for Uber as driver cum owner are having a state driving license, valid vehicle registration, vehicle insurance policy, pollution certificate, and vehicle permit. The requirements may vary by city and state.

Driver Under Partner

You will drive a car that is owned by someone else who doesn’t know to drive. You need a state driving license to become an Uber partner of a non-driving partner.

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Non-Driving Partner

If you own a car(s) and want to use it for business with Uber, you can become a non-driving Uber partner and let someone else drive the vehicle while you manage it. You need a driving license, photo ID proof, insurance copy, car registration certificate, and vehicle permit to become a non-driving partner. In this case, you can put more than one vehicle in business with Uber.

You may want to know how long it takes to become an Uber driver. The answer is it is a matter of a few days. Once you sign up and fill up the application form, the company will do a background check to ensure you qualify for their job description. This should take 7 to 10 business days.

Uber drivers’ salary falls under variable pay. It is not a fixed monthly salary. Therefore, you can earn anywhere between $16 to $20 per hour, depending upon the state and country.

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Know-How to Become an Uber Driver

The process is simple if you have the required information, qualification, and data.

Step 1: Uber Driver Requirements

You have to fill in the application form available on Uber’s website. Each city and state has specific requirements to drive for Uber. You will find detailed information on the Local Document Details. However, current qualifications that you must meet are:

  • It would be best if you were at least 21 years old
  • You must have 3+ years driving experience with a clean driving record (no reckless accidents, speeding tickets, fatal car accidents, and drink-driving/drug offenses)
  • You must have a good vision to drive at night
  • You must be in good physical health to drive long-distance without rest
  • You must own a car insurance policy, in your name, in your state
  • The car you use must have an in-state car registration. It may or may not be in your name
  • You must not hold any criminal record with the police

You may have to submit additional information and documents, such as old driver’s license and insurance policy cover, in case you have recently relocated to the state.

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Step 2: Uber Driver License Requirements

The two primary documents you need for Uber driving are Driver’s License and Insurance Policy(1).

Uber firm provides Contingent liability coverage and secondary coverage that provides for losses that don’t apply in drivers’ insurance policy. The insurance coverage is applicable only when you are logged into their app, driving customers en route. Therefore, you must buy a personal car insurance coverage for beyond Uber safety limits.

The Uber Insurance Covers:

  • USD 1 million commercial liability insurance
  • USD 1 million accidental coverage (uninsured/underinsured bodily damage)
  • Collision coverage and contingent damage up to USD 1 lac

Step 3: What Do you Need to be an Uber Driver

The type of car Uber accepts depends upon the city. However, you will either need to own a 2000 or fresher model or a 2005 or newer car model.

  • If you live in an uptown state with busy roads, the car needs to be a recent model.
  • You must own a Sedan car, with four doors and four or more passenger seats excluding the driver.
  • Your car must have all the safety gear in good condition, such as seat belt, airbag, A/C, etc.
  • If you are working for Uber XL, your car should have at least six passenger seats.
  • If you are driving for Uber Black, the car must be a luxury car, such as limousine.
  • The vehicle you use should be in a proper running condition and maintained well.
  • You can also buy a second-hand car and start driving for Uber.

NOTE: Tax filing and paying differ for Uber drivers since they are independent contractors. Get in touch with a local tax consultant for more details.

You must also have a branded smartphone with enough internal space to download and run the Uber app. Uber driving gives you plenty of flexible money-making opportunities. You can work as a part-time driver or make Uber driving your full-time business. The choice is yours. You will start earning the moment you pick up your first passenger.