How to Start a Gaming Channel on YouTube Like a Pro

how to start a gaming channel on youtube

YouTube is a mind-boggling space for various reasons, but most importantly, it is the right social media forum where you can show your skills that images cannot justify. YouTube can be extremely useful for people who are planning to start a gaming channel. In fact, there are so many gamers who have made their YouTube Gaming Channel a full-time career just because it reaped popularity and helped earn 6 digits income.

If you are interested in starting a Gaming Channel on YouTube then you are on the right page. Today, we will focus on a few essentials, such as how to get this started, how can you manage and earn through your gaming channel and few expert tips on YouTube Gaming channels.

Getting Your YouTube Gaming Channel Started…

Today there are thousands of YouTube channel owners who have dedicated gaming channels. Some use the platform to earn money, gain an advantage over competitors while other gamers use it just to play and enjoy.

Since the competition is fierce, growing a Gaming Channel on YouTube and gain considerable subscribers can be tricky.

So, you have to serve something interactive, new, funny, capturing and informative – in short, your gaming channel should be entertaining and out-of-the-box.

The First Thing You Should Do Is Determine Your Value Proposition…

Ask a question to yourself – Why do you want to start a Gaming Channel? What should be your purpose – entertain people, inform people, make this a steady income – anything that remains a consistent goal throughout. You should weigh the pros and cons and determine why your channel should exist and why should viewers care.

Now, what’s Next?

Research and research… invest your time to understand the current market condition and analyze what kind of content people like to seetoday. You have to create content that people want and what is trending. Even if you feel that your value proposition is beyond ordinary and it is much more professional, you have to create content that is in vogue to establish more subscribers and viewers.

You have to beautifully mesh your gaming passion with the current market trend.

The Name of Your Gaming Channel

This could be a tricky part. You should consider your gaming channel name as your brand name. It should epitomize your value proposition. It should be catchy and easy to remember, at the same time fun-filled. People should relate your Game to your Channel Name, something like Ninja Fruit Cutter?

If you still haven’t found the one, this cool free name generator tool can help you with some swag ideas.

Gathering the Right Tools and Gears – Know What Should You Purchase

Most gaming videos are shot throughthe best cameras; however, it also depends upon the feature content of the videos.

A Good Computer or Laptop with Great Video Editing Software

Windows Movie Maker and iMovie for Macs are two popular video-editing tools that you can use to edit and customize your footages. However, you should learn to become a skilled editor, if not a professional, for editing your videos without having to rely on others. This will also give you a competitive advantage and a sizable cost reduction in planning and execution.

Video Recording and Screen Capture Provisions

This is a great way to record, instead of gameplay footage. Most popular YouTube Gamers use this option as it adds a personal touch to the videos.

A personal touch is recommended for the viewers to connect with you and experience your passion on the topic more closely. A gaming channel can also include a talk show or an informative format, provided the conversation and content are purely about games.

For a reference point, here is a summary of things you would need:

  1. Gaming Console, like PS4, PS3,and PS2, Xbox 360, GameCube etc.
  2. Latest Intel PC with Quadcore CPU
  3. Capture Software
  4. Digital Audio Workstation like Garageband or Audacity
  5. Pre-Amp
  6. Video Production Software
  7. Capture Device, like EI Gato Game Capture HD
  8. Microphones

Video Capture Software is recommended to record video game footage. If you have a console with inbuilt game capture software, you have to insert a card in your computer and connect it to a display cable.

–  About Audio Recording

Like we said earlier, certain YouTube Gaming channels feature podcasts where gamers discuss interesting topics about games with other known gamers and also share their opinions. These podcasts are not only informative but also funny. If you are planning to launch one such gaming channel then you would not need a capture software or card, but can do with a microphone and editing software.

Making Money Out of It

Today, gaming is the number one viewable content on the internet. Around 3.5 billion views game channels on YouTube receive each month, with 71 million people watching across the world and over 6,00,000 viewers at a time.

Just listen to this: Although subscribers are very important, they are not the only earning potential. Subscribers alone will not determine your income. YouTube Channels with smaller subscribers list and less number of views can also be monetized.

Relevant niche, the revenue channels you explore and level of engagement you produce, all three and many other factors collectively generate income for your YouTube Gaming Channel.

Your Audience Demographics

But before you make your gaming channel a money making business, you need to look in to and understand certain things, such as your Audience Demographics.

If you want to build your own audience and convert them into money generating prospects, you need to understand your audience circle. You have to target a niche specific audience. Some of the areas you really need to pay close attention are:

  • Age Group
  • Gender
  • Geographic Location
  • Overall Engagement of Audience (Watch time)
  • Permutation and combination from the above, such as creating an Audience Avatar.

Audience avatar is a sketch of your audience by looking at the above factors, such as male viewers aged between 15 years to 20 years and female viewers between 12 to 18 years.

Making Money with Your Gaming Channel on YouTube

Earning money through a gaming channel is similar to earning money as a blogger or influencer. However, you have to create multiple income streams to make 6 figures kind of money.

Here are some of the ways you can earn money through YouTube Channels

1. Work as An Influencer and Affiliate

You can join popular influencer marketplaces where you can add your channel and get discovered by brands. You may capitalize on free products or ask for payments – the fee totally relies on the brand and your negotiation tactics.

Some of the top influencer marketplaces include:

  • Crowdtap
  • Channel Pages
  • Fame Bit and
  • Grapevine Logic

2. Work through Fan Funding and Let your Audience Support It

It is similar to crowdfunding a project, where you set Fan Funding Donations from your audiences. You will contribute your voice as a creator without forcing the audience to pay to you. If your content is good, your audience might support you.

3. Sell Products or Merchandises on YouTube

You can sell various brands’ merchandises or partner with an existing merchandising network. If this becomes a hit and if you have a considerable audience count, you will have a consistent content engine and valuable audience’s trust.

4. SEO from a Reliable Digital Marketing Agent

Digital marketing can produce several streams for income generation. All you need to do is tap on the right company and get their help in establishing a winsome SEO or Marketing campaign.

5. License Your Content to Media in Exchange of Money

If you happen to create an interactive and extremely appealing Gaming video that hasthe potential to go viral quickly, you can license your content in exchange for monetary benefits. Online news sites, viral video forums, TV news outlets are a few creators that may reach out to you if your videos happen to go viral.

6. Become a YouTube partner and Make Money from Ads

Ads are the first revenue stream. You will have to set yourself as a YouTube partner. Once done, create an AdSense account and opt for Google Advertising network.

6 Interesting Tips for Starting a Gaming Channel on YouTube Like a Pro

  1. Create your long-term and short-term goal as a gamer. Once this is achieved, try to set even shorter-term goals, like daily and weekly. This will be your channel plan.
  2. Make interacting videos a real priority. Ask your viewers to leave comments, suggestions and their thoughts on your content, for instance. Encourage them to give you more video ideas.
  3. You should make viewers search easier by making playlists for different games, genres, video types etc. and give your audience member exactly what they are looking for.
  4. Stay up to date on gaming news, latest trends and events, and related YouTube gaming videos so that you can be an Authority Source.
  5.  Brand your YouTube gaming videos by simply using an in-video graphic of your logo at the beginning of your video or a watermark of your logo in the corner of your content.
  6. Schedule and upload your videos, either daily, weekly or twice a week. Your viewers should be aware of your uploading pattern. Also, whenever uploading a new video game, create pathways for it by posting its link on your other social media pages.

Don’t think of making money but think of making something for the world to enjoy – keep this in mind to grow as a successful gamer.

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