9 Inspiring Qualities of In-house Health Nurse (Uplift and Unburden)

9 inspiring qualities of health nurse

Although many of us can become a doctor, not everyone can become a nurse and we aren’t talking about education alone. Nursing needs exceptional people who are meant to change lives amazingly. Know 9 inspiring qualities of In house health nurse.

They are the therapy that doctors suggest; they are the reason why we get admitted to hospitals. An in-house health care nurse’s job is furthermore inspiring. In fact, we deem them superior, even more to full time, hospital-based nurses.

Why Do We Need Exceptional Qualities?

An in-house nurse needs a little more extra than what’s expected out of a regular nurse, this is because they will always not be surrounded by fellow courageous nurses. Typically they work with one or two patients at a time, tending to needs throughout the day without having anyone to talk to.

That’s why they need a jumbo-sized list of qualities to take care of people, away from the ambiance and facilities the hospital provides. If you have decided to become an in-house health nurse, it’s likely that you are already an inspiring nurse and have been inspired by many like you.

However, you have to hone and refine some of the qualities of a great in-house health nurse to perfect the job.

9 Inspiring Qualities of In-house Health Nurse

1. Care as a Mother

The best in-house nurses are those that care deeply and truly for their patients as a mother or daughter. If you are an in-house nurse, you will most likely be working with older people or patients who are severely suffering.

Supporting and listening to people who are usually vulnerable and scared will be part of your job. You have to be their support system, listen to all their fears and grumblings, yet look after their needs. Most importantly, you have to be calm. Once a bond grows between the two of you, your patient will also listen to you out of motivation.

2. Empathise as a Dear Friend

One of the most important in-house nursing qualities is the ability to empathize. You will typically be tending to your patients at home or in a care center. So, instead of making this a job, imagine yourself as a savior to these vulnerable and helpless people. They look up to you with hope and support.

You have to give them that. Even though at times you would know the harsh truth of their condition or illness, you have to keep them emotionally strong by talking only positive.

3. Be Detail-Oriented (Write Everything Clearly)

Writing everything down is very important because even a subtle movement or a throwaway comment of a patient might have the key to cure them. If you want to make notes, you have to observe and listen. You have to stay alert and be aware of every moment or every ‘sigh’ the patient makes. Keep a notebook and pen handy all the time. Don’t try to store everything in your head. You will more likely mix two or more patients’ activities if you do.

4. Stay Organized, Be Punctual

You have to be extremely punctual and organized. Unlike a hospital where other nurses can temporarily fill-in your shoes, your patient and their family members are totally dependent on you. And so, you have to make sure that you know your value in their medical treatment and appreciate it. Nursing is a little above monetary benefits, it’s the satisfaction you get after recuperating a patient.

An organization is remembering which patient requires what medicine, kind of dosage, exercises and other routine checks. This is a foundation activity of becoming a nurse, no excuses there.

5. Stay Focused and Hard-Working

You have to constantly study new things as an in-house nurse. You have to be hardworking to learn and adopt those new findings. Nursing is similar to doctoring, except for science and medicines.  You have to try to go the extra mile with your patients and prove yourself inspiring.

6. Sharpen Your Reflexes (Use Great Judgement)

You will be all alone with your patients, and won’t have immediate access to doctors. And so, knowing to be quick on the feet and get decisions right should be your forte. Your accurate reflexes and quick actions can actually mean life or death to patients.

Information or instruction might not always flow in; this is where you have to use knowledge, expertise, judgment ability and experience to find a quick resolution. You may not always be experienced, but you can substitute experience with adequate and hands-on knowledge.

7. Have Commendable Physical and Mental Endurance

Being an in-house nurse means long days (and at times nights) with no breaks or replacements. To get through a day you have to be physically and mentally strong. Weaker patients would need constant physical support, such as moving around, feeding, bathing, changing clothes, rounds to washrooms and other exerting work.

In order to get through tough times, train yourself mentally and exercise your body. Make sure your clothes and footwear are comfortable. Wear knee support or wristbands if need be. Grab a quick nap when the patient is sleeping to wear off the tiredness.

8. Hold Yourself Stronger Emotionally

We all are human beings, prone to stress and other emotional outbursts; you will go through the same. It sometimes affects your work. You may have problems in your personal life or may face critical issues with your patients itself, but as a nurse, you have to offer stability to your patients. If things bottle up, talk and let it go. You don’t require a nurse yourself when already a hundred other hands need your support.

Try techniques like meditation, walking, music to bust your stress. As an in-house nurse, you may also face the gradual deteriorating health of your emotionally connected patients. That’s when you have to be emotionally stable and keep going forward. (1)

9. Be Adaptable

Every day, every patient you are assigned to and every illness of theirs will be different in type and level of complexity. You never know what is going to happen, loads of surprise for sure though. In order to stay sane, you have to be extremely flexible and be prepared for uncertainties and have the ability to act accordingly.