10 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Be Scared to Go Freelance?

10 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Be Scared to Go Freelance

Are you afraid of the words ‘freelance’ or ‘work from home’?

If yes, then are you ready to stay stuck in a job that is 9 -6 and that takes your freedom of choice; when in reality you can do better by following your passion and explore whatever you want, and whenever you want?

Freelancing is not a taboo anymore. In the last 10 years, people have left their regular jobs to become freelance consultants that have made positive impacts on all three:  the nations economy, the hiring companies, and the freelancers.

There are reasons why you shouldn’t be scared to go freelance… we will get to that soon.

But… what’s holding you back?

Don’t stop with, “I wish, I could”!!! Please don’t. Because if you are afraid of the unknown, if you think you lack confidence or if you think you won’t have a job security in a risky freelance job, then my dear you are just stopping yourself from living a dream when the advent of interesting technology and digital world is ushering you incessantly.

So much so that now even ‘Google’ itself is smiling at your foolishness. (Remember it has all the answers, including the best freelance jobs of this year).

Build a brand out of yourself…. says ‘Freelance Job Opportunity’

Truth be told, freelancing paves the way for various opportunities; all we need to do is stop making excuses and start making a name for yourself. Make yourself a Brand rather than be stamped as an employee.

And just so you know, if every soul thought about freelancing being risky and etcetera, then there wouldn’t have been a ‘Hollywood’ or ‘Bollywood’ and Hugh Jackman and Iron Man.  If movie industry is not the largest and most booming freelance industry, then what is???

So, coming back to fears…. if there’s something that’s holding you back to embrace freelancing, then our 10 best reasons to go freelance will help you settle your anxiety and encourage you to look forward. If you are already a freelancer, then the reasons will remind you that you made the right choice.

“If your Job gives you lemons… go freelance” – says, funny Expert.

10 Absolute Great Reasons To Go Freelance

1. Who is the Boss? – You!!

No more ‘do this or do that’. You will be your own boss. You will get full control of your business/work and life where you need not have to deal with bad team players and poor managers. You will also get to decide where, when and with whom you would want to make or break a deal.

2. Work the hours you want – a flexible schedule

As a freelancer, you will get a chance to schedule your work around your other activities. Have a mid-week yoga therapy? Schedule your meeting in the evening or work at night. Freelancing is very beneficial for working parents or homemakers and students.

You will be master of your own schedule that gives you the flexibility to perfectly balance your work and life.

3. An opportunity to follow your passions, multiple if we may add

Freelance jobs give you the freedom to pursue your dreams, all at the same time. Want to be a television scriptwriter and as well as a chef? Then cook in the mornings and explore your creativity in the evenings.

In a regular job, you don’t get to choose the job role and have no say about the tasks assigned.

But as a freelancer, you can be a dancer, a makeup artist and a cyber-crime reporter simultaneously. (Just so you know I am the writer of this blog as well as a painter).

4. Hate Mondays? Well… its sleep time

Going through Monday blues? Reading those Monday is no-funday memes? Well not anymore. That’s one of the best reasons to go freelance if you ask us. While rest of world dreads for the Monday work schedule, you as a freelancer are free to work from Tuesday and lay wasted on Mondays.

Of course, that doesn’t mean you don’t work at all and take all Mondays off. As a freelancer, you should also learn to manage time excellently.

5. You are the decision maker – what, when, who, how!!

You will be the sole decision maker when you are at a freelance job or business. You get to decide your clients, the number of working days, the type of project, the resources, the project date and time of delivery, and also when you can take an off and watch the Sun rise and set at the beach.

6. Work from Honolulu or Hawaii… no one cares

While many of the freelance jobs require just a laptop, a phone, and good internet, you can easily skip the hectic city life and work from a remote hill station at your convenience.

While the daily commute to your regular office can have negative impacts on your health (study findings), working from a new location like a library, café and even roof top help you to refocus and energize.

As long as you complete your work on time and make your clients happy, no one would bother your attendance. Long distance working is great for nursing mothers, people who travel and students.

7. Raise salary anytime you want… no one has a say

You don’t have to wait for that time of the year for an appraisal. If you are competitive and productive enough, then you can raise your pay scale any time of the year. Unlike regular work, you will not have to go through series of appraisals for the final say.

As a freelancer, you have got the complete authority of salary negotiation with your clients, raising and lowering prices as you see fit.

However, before you negotiate make sure your price is competitive and consider the impact it will have on your relationship with the client.

8. Test your entrepreneurial skills

Freelancing gives you the opportunity to act as an entrepreneur. Even if you are a painter or a writer, you are running your own business. This lets you to put your business skills to test.

Freelancing work or business also lets you gauge your performance as a leader, as a financial manager, as a marketing expert and eventually lets you realize if running a business is your cup of tea.

You can also test your entrepreneurial skills without having to let go of your current full-time job. So, ultimately you are at a no-risk phase.

9. You get to have multiple career choice

When you are in a regular job, your complete focus shifts to that particular job, the company you work with, your peers and boss. This withholds you from taking a look at your other skills and job roles that would actually enhance you as a person and as a professional.

However, that’s not the case with a freelance career. It’s entirely possible that you have multiple career choices before you settle down with the one that makes you content.

When you freelance, there’s a world full of opportunity waiting; all you need to do is go for them.

10. It builds you from a clerk to a leader – it builds character

Freelancing career definitely puts you into more scenarios than working as a full-time employee.

Yes, it’s true that you will have days when you will feel absolutely low, when you will be working for long hours and many nights, working on projects from the very beginning without any assistance. But with time, you will also have more weeks when you will feel on cloud nine.

A freelancing career will take you through many shades of character in a matter of months – from an inexperienced clerk to a promising visionary.

So, if you are reading this and find yourself questioning your current job status, we would encourage you to clear your thoughts and consider the 10 best reasons to go freelance. You always have your current job as backup option.