10 Tips For Freelance Dancers To Excel In Their Careers

tips for freelance dancers

Working as a freelance dancer can be an amazing experience. Anyone who loves dancing and earns from it knows the importance of improving oneself every now and then. Many think that dancers do not really do anything but dancing—an attitude which deserves as much as retribution as it can.

Dancers are like anyone of us who are trying to get the best of their choice of career. Like anyone of us, they are also learning and growing every day and this requires more than just mastering one’s moves and doing stage shows.

In the freelance community, there has been a marked rise in the number of freelance dancers who have started making their presence felt in the industry. However, despite dancers being not as prominent in the community as other professionals, there is, nevertheless, a stiff competition which is not easy to handle.

As we love our readers and fellow freelancers, we have come up with a set of tips which can guide all dancers out there to excel in their freelance career. Keep these tips in mind and you will be able to gain the most out of your career. So, with this, let us take a look at 10 of these tips.

1. There Is More Than Just Interest

You must have heard stories of ordinary people with extraordinary caliber making huge as dancers. Do you know why? The answer to this question is simple enough: they take dancing more than just a form of art and dwell into it with unparalleled passion and determination.

In order to survive as a freelancer, you will have to take your passion towards dancing to another love. You must love it, regardless of the whimsical levels of income and other uncertainties in the freelance community.

2. Do Not Forget About The Music

Dancing is not just about the moves. You might have learned multiple dance forms, but failure to synchronize your moves with the beat and, more importantly, the essence of the background music is a disaster.

You must appreciate all kinds of music and try connecting your moves with the beats and feels of the music. If you dance without paying due regard to the context and purpose of the music, you will fail to become a good dancer. As a consequence of which, you will be just one of those never-heard-of-before dancers in the freelance community.

3. Know How Others Dance

While your skills as a dancer will make much of the difference in the freelance community, you cannot underestimate your fellow competitors.

Find out about well-established dancers in your region or outside of it from the various freelancing websites and social networking websites and watch their performances. You do not need to leave your home to know your competitors: read profiles, watch videos, and assess public feedback.

4. Keep Learning

As noted earlier, the graph of improvement should only go up. If you slack off too much, you are done for. So, to ensure that you have a distinct place in the freelance community, you must keep improving and continue offering your client distinguishable giveaways.

Let us give you an example: If you are a classical dancer, there is no harm in learning other dance forms. The benefit of the same is having a diverse clientele which, inevitably, increases your chances of generating more income.

5. Networking Is Awesome

You will need sources of information and references to find work. For that, networking helps immensely. Ask any freelancer the value of networking and you will understand why it is of such irreplaceable value.

You should get on social networking websites such as Facebook and create accounts on them. In fact, consider creating a professional page for self-promotion. Most of these websites run advertising services which one can avail at reasonable prices.

Apart from these websites, you should strongly consider creating accounts on freelance websites, especially the mainstream ones, such as Freelancer.com, worknhire.com, guru.com, and upwork.com. These websites serve as worldwide networking platforms connecting clients and freelancers and enabling the quick flow of business transactions among these participants.

6. Associate With Dance Groups

To expand and strengthen your network, it is recommended that you consider joining various dance associations which operate throughout the world. In fact, your association with groups, especially the notable ones, can add sheen to your resume.

Some of the famous dance groups include British Ballet Organisation, United Country Western Dance Council, World Rock’n’Roll Confederation. You can also consider joining regional dance groups, to begin with. Many associations do not admit members easily, but once you are a part of them, increase the flow of work is expected.

7. Filter Out Discouragement

If you are a dancer, frequent discouragement over your choice of career is not something you will be unfamiliar with. This discouragement could come from anyone—from family, friends, relatives, politicians, religion, etc. However, you must strengthen your determination to such a degree that nothing shall come your way.

In the freelance community too, you might come across people who, despite seeking dancers for their project, would end up denouncing dance as anything but a form of amusement. But, it is not the opinion of others which should matter, but yours. If you know what you are doing is what you should be doing, then you are just fine and AWESOME.

8. Market Yourself Through Videos

Freelance dancers must realize the phenomenal character of the Internet. The Internet is that one powerful creation of humankind that has a ridiculous amount of potential to propel anyone’s career provided that it is used right.

Once such way you can propel your freelance career as a dancer is by making videos and marketing yourself through them—and you have YouTube doing that job. We have a few examples of famous dancers who choreograph for the world on YouTube: Kyle Hanagami, Matt Steffanina, and AliyaJanell.

9. Watch Your Own Dance

You will have to be your own spectator to know how you dance. You should practice in front of a full-size mirror to evaluate your performance in a more holistic manner. The point is to become your own audience.

10. Be Realistic

Many freelancers, especially the newbies, think that the freelance community is a world of fantasy where only good things happen. You, as a freelance dancer, must avoid getting caught up in these nonsensical assumptions.

The freelance community of dancers has become quite prominent lately, but that does assure regularity in income. So, as the title says, be realistic.

We want to help our fellow freelance dancers to do well in their careers, and for that matter, we have enumerated some of the most helpful tips for your assistance. However, we would like to hear from you what you think about them.

You can share your views on this article in the comment below. If you like it, you can also consider sharing it with the world so that we can all work towards a better and stronger freelance community.