9 Ultimate Tips to Market Yourself as a Freelance Make-Up Artist

9 Ultimate Tips to Market Yourself as a Freelance Make-Up Artist

As a freelance make-up artist, you are the primary business resource and you are the foundation upon which your business would grow.

You are the only one who is responsible for the smooth functioning of your business which comprises of several aspects such as building a portfolio, networking, working with clients, being creative in service, buying suitable products, book-keeping and at the same time, more importantly doing the marketing bit as well.

The most difficult part of being an independent makeup artist is business promotions, especially when the competition is extremely fierce. This blog is all about how creatively you can sell your business in the market.

Before you start implementing our tips, remember that marketing a service is a steady and consistent effort that needs dedication and quality of work.

Let’s get started with this.

9 Ultimate Tips for Freelance Makeup Artist Career

Presenting the top 9 tips that you must follow:

1. Wear Your Brand

Self-promotion plays a vital role in the fashion and styling industry. Every time you leave your home, do your make up in a makeup professional way so that people starts to notice the change in your appearance. Keep it minimal as it is an everyday affair, but make sure you highlight the essentials.

People will definitely compliment you and as they do, grab the opportunity and inform them about your new venture. Don’t forget to carry your business card or a brochure in case of unplanned encounters.

2. Start A An Instagram Page

We believe the many changes that Instagram has brought to us, has made it an ideal platform to promote your skills. Make up is all about the look and what could be better than a series of photoshoots? Make your sibling, cousin or friend your model, do different styles on them and shoot photos.

With relevant hashtags, you could be popular within 2 -3 months. However, when it comes to pictures, make sure you upload only HD quality and stellar images. You can also upload 1 minute videos about tips, products and trending make up styles.

3. Shoot YouTube Videos

YouTube is the number one platform for free video access and everyday millions of people search for beauty advice, tips and makeup techniques tutorials on YouTube. You can develop a fan base by creating a YouTube channel with your brand name and filming high quality make up tutorials, product reviews and styling tips.

Keep these in mind – have a good frame, good lighting and sound, speak clearly, use good video camera and give information. Once your videos start getting famous, you can make partners on YouTube to supplement your earnings.

4. Create Your Website

Today, a website that demonstrates makeup artist skills has become imminent for freelancers. Before creating a website, you have to come up with a brand name. Make your brand name the URL of the website. Don’t keep anything fancy or trendy; remember this is going to be your business for this life.

Create pages such as services offered, your bio data, prices and contact details. If the website is responsive having a reservation page, then nothing like it. Make sure your website is search engine optimised to appeal more number of target oriented clients.

5. Blogging Should Be Your Next Target

In addition to creating a website, you have to also develop a blog page. Blogging is very important for online business promotion. What can you blog about? – talk about make-up styles and trends; men’s and women’s skin care routines; beauty treatments, product reviews; and grooming and styling tips.

Your blogs should look professional that positively reflect the quality of your services. When people read your blogs, they should know that they are going to deal with an expert makeup artist who possesses vast knowledge and experience. Make sure your blogs are authentic and has correct and legitimate information. Use proper keywords and attractive titles to drive traffic.

6. Take Make-Up Workshops

Again, like blogging, live make-up workshops create a greater impact on audiences and clients. When you interact with each one on a personal note, they get an opportunity to know your professionalism up-front. Those one day workshops we hear frequently about are actually a great hit these days. Promote your upcoming event on Facebook, Instagram and through WhatsApp groups.

If you have the money, you can conduct the first workshop for free. Make sure the entries are limited though. Choose a particular styling topic, say everyday make up or hair or eyes or products and teach your audiences how to apply them.

Give out secrets and tips for flawless make-up; show them live transformation and talk about products in-depth. The more professionally you behave the better will be your feedbacks and customer retention percentage.

7. Network With Other Experts

Networking is the key marketing strategy of any business. You may have something that another person might not have, and if you two decide to collaborate, you can create new business partnerships together and earn more.

Networking with people from similar profession such as other make-up artists, fashion stylists, hair dressers and fashion designers can open doors to potential working opportunities. A fashion stylist might recommend you to his customers, so can a hair stylist, or a make-up artist with too many clients.

8. Share Your Work And Give Offers

Share your blogs, website and services offered on social media networks. Digital Marketing is one of the finest ways to spread your work to the right audience at a light year speed.

The best way to promote your freelance make-up artist business on Twitter, FB, Instagram, and MySpace is giving interesting offers, discounts and packages. You can also share trending topics and current styles to your existing clients and followers to invoke their interest.

Be Creative With Your Charges

Just because you are a newbie, doesn’t mean you will charge too less. Because once you become popular for your low charges, it will be difficult for you to raise them as chances of your customers losing interest would be high.

Keep your charges moderate, neither too high and nor too low. However, if you want to compete with the top brand names, then it is advisable to keep your charges lower than the experts, but offer services that are as good and as creative as theirs. To up your competition level, you can also give out personalised services and home services.