10 Tips To Write Amazing Product Descriptions and Earn Big

Tips To Write Amazing Product Descriptions and Earn Big

Product description writing is increasingly becoming popular in the freelance content writing community. In this, as the name indicates, you are required to write attractive descriptions which appeal to customers in the relevant market. However, one cannot readily write such descriptions without understanding what they entail.

Lately, there has been a marked surge in the demand for copywriters, who are essentially people who write product description. You will come across many copywriters, but only a small chunk of them are good at what they say, and these people earn well.

In this article, we will unravel secrets which make you write amazing product descriptions. These secrets, shaped in the form of tips, will serve as guides to anyone who wishes to establish or grow his career in copywriting.

Here are 10 of those tips to feed your brain.

1. Know The Product First

No matter how brilliant you are, you cannot underestimate the importance of a thorough evaluation. Hence, once you get a product to describe, you should give enough time for developing an adequate understanding of it.

For example, if you are asked to write on a graphic T-shirt, study about the fabric, the brand which sells it, cost, the availability of the item in different colors (if any), a brief idea of what the graphic design represents, and others. Only after you have done some basic research and understood what you are writing on, you should start writing.

2. Ascertain The Target Consumers

Just describing the aspects of an item without appealing to the public in the relevant market is not copywriting. Product descriptions are written to draw the targeted consumer base towards the purchase of the item. So, it is advised that you appreciate the consumer base.

A consumer base is best understood through consumer demographics. Know what age group is being targeted, the geographical coverage, the income of the target consumers, etc. So, for example, a toy has been designed to target young females in a particular area, find out whether the price of the item suits the needs of even the low-income earning consumers.

3. Sell The Benefits

What is the thing that makes someone buy something? Benefits, of course!

The price of a product does play an indispensable role, but consumers look forward to a qualitative purchase. So, you are tasked to highlight the best the product can offer. If the price is relatively higher, then justify the elevation in price with the elevation in quality which a consumer will encounter.

4. Refine Vocabulary

If you are starting new or already copywriting, make sure that you go through your vocabulary and make a few changes. Here we are specifically emphasizing the need to eliminate a few words from your dictionary as far as copywriting is concerned.

Using words such as ‘basically’, ‘yeah’, ‘maybe’, ‘get’, etc make your descriptions sound dull. They do not bring out that sense of absolute rejoice which a consumer is promised to feel. Instead, engage consumers and project the product as an item which should be one’s first choice.

5. Promote The Brand

It is commonly found that copywriters get swayed away and write only about the product, forgetting the brand/platform which sells it in the first place.

You are not required to dedicate an entire paragraph to the seller, but inject words smartly to promote the distinguished character of the seller without having to consume a lot of space. This is a technique which one learns by practice. So, keep writing and learning.

6. The Title

Think about it carefully: what is the first thing a person reads in an article? It is the title which is first read, and many times, it is the title which generates interest. So, as a copywriter of product descriptions, you have to pay special attention to the title.

7. Talk To Your Client First

It is important to engage your client in the writing of descriptions to ensure that you are able to meet expectations.

Every client has his own business vision and you need to reflect it in your descriptions. You need to discuss every aspect of the work, from the title to the style, with your client. Even when working, keep a regular contact with the client.

8. Give Life To Your Descriptions

Your job is to write in such a way that people become interested in the product. So, you might want to give some touch-up to your writing to make description look more appealing.

Get good pictures of the product or add videos to give some life to your content. These images or videos will add the desired appeal, attracting more consumers than ever.

9. You Should Be Understandable

Copywriting is not a stage to show off your fancy writing skills. Your job is to write in a manner which suits the requirements of the product and basic understanding of consumers.

Remember that not everyone is as skilled with words as you are. Instead of injecting highly advanced vocabulary and complicated sentence structures, try incorporating fresh but simple vocabulary and structures to create your content.

10. Think From The Point-Of-View Of The Public

There should be some personal appeal in the content. Your content should be drafted in such a manner that makes readers feel that the sellers understand their tastes and concerns. So, you should try thinking from their perspective.

Think what you would have expected from a particular product, how you would have wanted the description written, what annoys you as a consumer, and what not. Such an approach will bring you closer to the mindset of the public, enabling you to write better.

Writing product descriptions could be a challenging task. Whether you are a newbie or an experienced copywriter, there are so many things you cannot miss out while writing descriptions. We have enumerated a few of them, and we would like to know what you think about them.

While your feedback is essential for our growth, we would highly appreciate you sharing this article to your family, friends, colleagues and whoever else you may know so that we can reach out to more people and strengthen the freelance community.