9 Top Tools for WordPress Freelancers, Designers & Developers

tools wordpress designers

With more and more wordpress freelancers, developers and designers working to get the projects, using the right tools can help stay ahead of the competition. In this article, we will share the best tools for you to make your job easier.

Time Doctor

It is a productivity tool that lets you track how you spend time while working. It can be used in teams and individuals. Time doctor helps you to track and monitor times spent on websites, applications and social media. You can also take screenshots of your screen.


Asana is a project management tool that promises to free your team from the shackles of email. It puts conversations and tasks together so that you get things done faster without switching back and forth between email and actual tasks.


If you want to make communication simpler between you and your team members, then slack is the right option for you. With slack, you can easily chat, share files, documents and code. It offers integration with a number of applications.


Trello is another project management tool that allows you to create and place them on Trello board. You can also assign the tasks on cards to your team members and can view the member activities on single screen. You can add comments, upload and share files, connect Trello to your dropbox, and Google Apps.


With Slideshare, freelancers can easily show what they do and how they can help their clients to achieve the desired results. Presentations are a better way to showcase your work to clients. You can make use of the presentation and include in your marketing efforts.


In any business, the more you know about your customer, the better your service will be. Falcon helps you find small details that can really make a difference. Falcon is a browser app that gets you contact profiles inside your email by hovering over the person’s name.


Client relationships matters for every business. Contactually help you maintain good relationships with the clients. It is the contact management tool that helps you manage contacts, prompts you to take action and track your progress. It also provides social media updates and your interactions with them to personalize your contact with them.

EchoSign – Digital Signature

Signing contracts is a major concern for any freelancer. It requires printing, scanning back the signed documents to get the paperwork in the right way. EchoSign is a service by Adobe that lets you sign documents without downloading, printing or couriering. It is as simple as sending email. You should attach your document to EchoSign and email it to the concerned person.

Bidsketch – Create project proposal in minutes

Sending project proposals is one of the key activities for any freelance business. Creating a proposal takes lot of time – you are not paid for.  Bidsketch helps create well organized and simple project proposals in half the time it usually takes. They offer pre-built templates and landing pages, electronic signatures and personal branding.

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