10 Time-Saving Apps Freelancers should Immediately Download

 10 Time-Saving Apps Freelancers should Immediately Download

Freelancers are busy-bodies. With the bulk of assignments and shortage of time, they need to speed up things, but speeding up one’s lifestyle is difficult and needs more than just determination to succeed.

Often freelancers end up creating a hotchpotch in their lives by disorganized their time schedules, over-working, working at odd hours and what not. This makes smart planning all the more important.

One must save time smartly. When you save some of your time, you do not compromise with quality. If you try saving a lot of time without any regard to the nature and quality of work you promised to deliver, things will become ugly for you. It is, therefore, important you seek some assistance, and the best form of assistance comes from the digital world.

With the advancement in technology, one need not stick to traditional methods of organization. There are hundreds and thousands of Apps available free of cost or with a meager subscription fee which help in organizing the user’s lifestyle into a more productive and responsible one.

Every freelancer needs to sort his lifestyle to avoid adverse ramifications. For that, we have, in this article, come up with ten freelance Apps that can greatly help you sort out your life and work more qualitatively on your assignments. Each App mentioned here serves a particular task and must find a place in your mobile storage.

Without further ado, here are the ten best productive Apps that will do magic for you:

1. Cushion

The slogan of Cushion is in itself very comforting: “peace of mind for all freelancers.”

A cushion is a management tool, but there are certain features which set it apart from the rest of Apps in this category.

The most iconic feature the App is equipped with is the schedule. It is a highly convenient, simple and visually attractive feature that allows you to gain a bird’s eye view of the entire plan you have an entire year. You can quite easily note hourly assignments due to various clients, track payment delays or turnaround.

The App allows a free trial, with an upgrade for mere $8 per month upon the expiration of trial.

2. Trello

Trello is Pinterest for freelancers. It is massive but simply crafted App that allows you to use a pinup board, which is especially useful when you are collaborating with others on a project. It is designed to tailor to the needs of the user, team members, and the work requirements.

The App enables you to upload files via cloud sources such as Google Drive and gives you the option to sync Trello to Troogl so that everyone you are working with knows how much you put your heart and soul in the completion of the work with finesse.

3. Wave

A wave is an excellent option for freelancers as it transforms your entire experience concerning payments. It is a free App that allows you to generate invoices, maintain books, track receipts and so many other things.

It does not matter whether you work solo or own a business; the software has been designed to deal with the intricate requirements of businesses with employees not more than 9. The App does the accounting job easy and makes our life less difficult.

The App offers lessons on various aspects of running businesses, and you should definitely give them a try.

4. Effortless W-9

TOMO has come out with a handy, simple-to-use, and secure W-9 platform that enables contractors and freelancers of every kind to swiftly finish and send a W-9.

An amazing feature of the App is that once you have filled out a W-9, you can save data and design a profile so that you can conveniently maintain and send requests in the near future.

The App is an incredible deal and helps you to greatly save a lot of time which is usually spent on W-9.

5. Freedom

Yes, Freedom frees you from regular hassles afflicting the freelancing industry. The App is an exemplary time management tool that provides you with the option of blocking out all distracting elements in your device but retains the most important ones for basic utility.

The purpose of the App is simple: to get rid of the distractions that slow down the productivity of the freelancer and lead to procrastination.

Freedom is free. It does not cost even a cent. You do not get “freedom” without a price these days—get the App already!

6. Evernote

Evernote is one of the highest downloaded time management Apps of all time. It is used by millions of people across the globe, and you should use it too.

What makes Evernote special is its kitty of diverse features which you do not ordinarily find in other similar Apps. Evernote is everything you need—task manager, word processor, design board, collaborative messenger and slide presenter.

It is a highly user-friendly App that works perfectly on all devices, is accessible offline, saves emails and does pretty much everything you would expect from a task manager.

The only drawback, if we may call it so, is that it is not free. Well, you can download the application for free, but the free version does not offer all the services. But, the subscription fee is only $50 a year which is pretty reasonable for something as hugely popular and efficient as Evernote.

Your life will turn upside-down with the help of this watchdog!

7. Bonsai

Contracts are indispensable in the lives of freelancers. If you do not have a legally binding and properly drafted contract, you might run into trouble with clients over a number of issues such as refusal to pay. To help you deal with contract-related matters, Bonsai is here at your service.

Bonsai is your go-to App that offers a comprehensive solution to freelancers by collecting contract templates for different activities and tailoring them to suit your freelance business.

The App allows you to download a free template contract from its homepage, which is legally binding in the United States.

8. MindMeister

Sometimes we are looking for a lead or an inspiration; may be, we want a brainstorming session to activate our cognitive framework. But, where to achieve something like this? Well, we have an App in our recommendation list that does exactly that.

MindMeister is an amazing platform for you to brainstorm on your next blog post or design piece. It allows you to add collaborators and work with them to yield greater productivity. You can pretty easily create content without feeling wasted and uncomfortable.

MindMeister allows you to get started for free, and with all of its features, you are sure to get the kind of results you are looking for.

9. Duffel

The worst nightmare of a freelancer is losing track of essential documents the clients have mailed, and with the constant flow of emails every day, you will naturally grow more and more disorganized and off-track. Well, all your worries will be put to rest with Duffel.

Duffel is a handy and simple-to-use platform that enables you to download all your emails and helps in backing up data smartly.

What could be more amazing than knowing where your documents are and what to do with them without rummaging through emails?

10. Toggl

We did mention Toggl before, but what it is? Well, it is a super useful App that gives you the power to track the time invested on each assignment. Time management is the next level with Toggl, and you should definitely give it some space in your device.

You can track time with just a click, go offline, send charts and graphs to clients, and sync up a chunk of other incredible time management Apps to offer yourself a holistic time management solution.

A basic version of the application is available for free, but if you wish to have access to all of its features, you will need to pay a subscription fee.