How Can You Boost Your Freelance Job Through YouTube?

How Can You Boost Your Freelance Job Through YouTube?

Did you know 10 years ago YouTube didn’t even exist!  Hard to believe, right? When you think of it, most of us are streaming videos on YouTube every day as it were part of our lives’ customary, exactly like how Facebook has become one of it.

YouTube today is also one of the most popular digital marketing sites where many start-ups and even recognized businesses, especially freelancers have established a sustaining and dynamic brand image.

It’s a good thing for freelancers that you have YouTube now through which you can boost your business or job, gain reputation and form a robust network of client.

Let’s see how we can do this…
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YouTube Was A struggling Freelancer Too… Hypothetically Saying

But did you know when YouTube was launched it wasn’t an instant hit. It was a slow progress as the expensive data charges played a menacing role.

However, what made this video streaming channel popular was the bunch of low quality viral content or videos and the young bloggers, today known as ‘Vloggers with a V’ uploading interesting niche content to drive traffic.

With a little help from our very own Google, YouTube soon grew to be world’s #1 video sharing market. And because of its extreme popularity in every niche, be it fashion, technology, science and education, freelancers get a new and enthralling way to promote their skills and services.

So, the following section tells how you can boost your freelance job through YouTube.

5 Tips From YouTube to Boost Your Freelance Career

1. Make a Good and Interesting Content…Consistently

Every sharing site has a perk, and about YouTube it is making and uploading good and quality content. One of the drawbacks of YouTube is over saturation. This is due to the millions of low quality videos and animal clips.

[mks_pullquote align=”right” width=”300″ size=”24″ bg_color=”#dadada” txt_color=”#464646″]You may think that your videos wouldn’t be found amongst all these mini clips. However, that’s not entirely correct.[/mks_pullquote]

Providing high quality and relevant content is the trick here. If you have both, then you are actually offering great value to your viewers who are the ultimate people to make you a winner.

Even if you are a small business or an individual freelancer, your YouTube post should add worth to your skill or service.

Bad quality content that does not send across a message or purpose will less likely fetch fewer viewers which also mean less number of shares and no viewer returns.

This does not mean you make a heavy investment and buy expensive camera for the video content. Your mobile phone is good to go. As you grow in career you can buy a professional camera kit.

2. Upload Your Content Regularly

It’s exactly like nurturing a plant or relationship. A relationship will strengthen when you connect with the person regularly, talk to him and share thoughts.

Similarly, if you want to connect with your viewers and move ahead in YouTube, you should be continuously in the lime light. If you are a follower of a successful YouTube Channel, you will notice that they upload good and quality content regularly, either weekly or some even daily.

You may want to know when a channel is already popular and has great number of viewers then why upload regularly. Successful businesses understand the importance of regular uploads on YouTube such as

  • It Keeps Your Audiences Captivated
    When you regularly upload good quality YouTube videos, statistically speaking chances of viewers clicking on the subscribe button is more.Every time they log into YouTube, your video will be on the top. This makes them watch more of your videos and may probably expect new content every time they return.
  • There’s Something Called YouTube Algorithm
    YouTube Algorithm starts noticing you when you upload content regularly. It’s actually a case with all platforms, something like Search Engine Optimisation.If you notice most popular channels are always on your ‘recommended bar’. YouTube algorithm includes them to relevant viewers because they are regular and consistent.

3. Speak About The End First And Then Proceed

When someone waffles around without getting to the actual point, you may get wary of the topic and drift away. It happens everywhere, including YouTube.

[mks_pullquote align=”right” width=”300″ size=”24″ bg_color=”#dadada” txt_color=”#464646″]If you want to catch hold of the viewers’ attention, you need to address the topic along with its end solution immediately.[/mks_pullquote]

For example, you want to show a video of a meat recipe. As soon as you start the video plan on telling that here’s an amazing meat recipe with ingredients so and so that goes well with rice or bread, instead of talking about different meat dishes from different culture and the pots you use.

People here have clicked on your link because they want to see the recipe as soon yet as elaborately as possible. Make sure your video is worth their attention.

Start your video with anObjective or Call to Action. This helps you to stay focused on the key points and keep you comfortable enough to plan what you are going to say.

4. Link YouTube Content To Your Brand or Job

YouTube is a great place for freelancers to show off skills and work and gain popularity. Although this is a known fact, it may skip from your mind while uploading video content the first several times; that when you post your content, it is important to make sure it links back to your business.

You can do that in many ways. At the end of the video you can advertise your other products or share link of your website.

You can also mention in the description about your company through a witty and smart content. Another thing that attracts greater number of customers is adding a personal touch in the YouTube content.

Presenting your own videos or showing yourself for few seconds will help viewers relate to your face when searching content on the portal.

It’s good to get away from your comfort zone and connect with your subscribers. Adding personal touch to the channel will help build rapport with your audience. You can also add titbit about your life or some anecdotes that will help clients connect with you more personally.

Aprominent online presence will also connect you with other Vloggers who may provide ideas and help you promote your skills and services.

5. Don’t Think, Just Do It…

[mks_pullquote align=”right” width=”300″ size=”24″ bg_color=”#dadada” txt_color=”#464646″]Spend a little bit of time and market yourself on YouTube; it definitely is a great opportunity, greater than you may think of.[/mks_pullquote]

YouTube is one of the effective ways to build lasting and genuine relationship with clients for a freelancer.

If you make YouTube part of your routine marketing with quality feeds and relevant content, by the end of a month, you will definitely have good number of subscribers.

Don’t think about your appearance, diction, background or whether your skill is worth an upload… just don’t think. Start today and everything will improve by the time you upload your 10th video.

Make it part of your business, and you will be surprised with the effects YouTube brings in your Freelance job.