11 Career Lessons for Young Freelancers that Are Life Changing


11 Career Lessons for Young Freelancers that Are Life Changing

Do You Live in a Fear?

20% of our lives comprise regrets, regrets of not doing the right thing or not choosing the right job or career. Most of us grow old without achieving the things that we set out to do in our professional life, wishing for one more chance for altering the past.

Do you too? If yes, don’t be one of those people and live a life full of regretful sighs. Here are 11 Career Lessons for Young Freelancers that Are Life-Changing and that will help you to get most from your personal and professional lives.

11 Career Lessons for Freelancers

Here are the top 11 career lessons for freelancers that you must consider.

1. A Career is a Long Jump, not a Skip

Your career would be your entire life. You will be at least changing 5 companies in your career span. So, don’t blow off all your energy in one. Work smart and be persistent at achieving your goals. Don’t overburden, yet don’t take your work lightly.

Strike the right balance and enjoy the slow and steady rise. Even if you score a sixer, make sure you keep on moving ahead. Don’t get exhausted at the very beginning. It’s a marathon; the slow and steady wins the race.

2. Respect Is Important, Don’t Work for the Disrespectful

Most of us at one point in life would experience this –disrespectful client or employer or even subordinate. It is a complete waste of time to work with such people. If you are not respected, you won’t create value for the company and this would cause a slow-down in your career.

Remind them of their behavior once, if it still continues, don’t hesitate to move to another company.

3. People Are Your Greatest Assets

Of course, skills are important but real people are even more. You may have a state of the art technology and a capable factory, but if you don’t value your people who would be eventually operating your company, you are at a grave loss.

Take time to know the real ones. Do something for them outside of the profession and see them taking your company to a soaring height. Loyalty begins where there are appreciation and trust.

4. Try Something New Every Time You Get an Opportunity

As a freelancer, you are not bound by a desk job or one company. You will get all the freedom to explore and achieve more. No matter where you are now and what your designation is, don’t be afraid to try something new or innovative.

You are a content writer and are offered to get trained for digital marketing? Don’t say no because it is not appealing to sound. Who knows you will actually end up adding worth to your existing profession.

5. Know Your Worth

Even if you are doing a job as regular as data entry, it does require 100 percent accuracy and certain cognitive skills. Knowing your worth is very important in this field.

You may be perfect and commit zero errors and maybe faster than most people. If so, then don’t hesitate to raise your pay. Don’t settle down for something lesser as it will leave you feeling worthless and uncompensated.

6. Be Flexible in Your Quotations

Yes, as a freelancer you will not get a paycheck at the end of each month. You will get what you ask and work for. Some projects or companies may look small in the beginning but may turn bigger with time. And not all clients would be able to offer the same amount.

Therefore make sure you quote a price range. Don’t quote a fixed price and regret later. Always quote price leaving a 10% margin. Flexibility in a freelancing career would take you on a better road.

7. Don’t Be Afraid Of Criticism

A freelancer would not have the privilege of having a mentor like a regular employee. You will be your own boss and your own guide. You will be directly evaluated by the client. Hence, don’t let your ego get in the way of criticism.

Accept criticism, whether it comes from a fellow freelancer or a client or even the gatekeeper. No one is perfect; criticism helps us to refine our skills.

8. Don’t Take Your Earnings Very Lightly

Save… yes, save for your future. You may earn a lac per month today but there is no guarantee in the freelance business. A freelancer can go without a job for many weeks and even months before striking the right chord. So it is always a good option to save at least 20% of what you earn for the gloomy days.

9. Family Comes First, No Matter What

It is the most important career tip – your job may be important but not as much as your family. Give your job as much time as you can but don’t compromise the valuable time you spend on nurturing your family.

Jobs can be several, but you don’t get two or three sets of family, do you now? Time management and creating the right work-life balance is very essential as a freelancer. Make sure you refine the skills.

10. Life Is Too Short To Be Wasted

If you are currently in a job role you think that is not bringing out the best in you, you should strongly consider changing it. Freelancing career is flexible and opens doors to millions of opportunities.

Life should be simple and something that stirs your passion. Find that stimulus within you and work towards it. You may have to work hard and may even invest a little, but in the end, you will get to a new place that will be nothing lesser than bliss.

11. Speak Up For Yourself

Stand up for yourself if you are getting mistreated by your employer or client. Do not accept unfair treatment at work, be it towards you or towards your colleague. (1)

Gender discrimination, inequality, biases, or even unacceptable and hostile situations can be avoided if you stand up and raise concerns. If you fear of losing the work, then that work is probably not meant for you in the first place. The more you agree to disagree, the less annoying your career would look like.