6 Qualities Agencies Look For in Freelance Models

6 Qualities Agencies Look For in Freelance Models

Have you ever wondered what makes an idea Model Candidate for modelling agencies? If you think looks, physical statistics and height are the only factors that can fetch you a good modelling assignment then you should seriously discover more.

While many of us have dreamt of acing the ‘catwalk’ and glide beautifully on a fashion show ramp, the truth is breaking into a modelling career, for both men and women is hard.

As of 2018, modelling stands as one of the very competitive and stressful careers. But the key here is determination, courage, strong will and lots of hard work. Just don’t let yourself stop from pursuing your dreams.

Modelling Is Much More Than Appealing Looks…

Modelling agencies look out for new face every month. You can either be a freelancer or work with a particular modelling firm. To be a freelancer, you need experience and recognition as a professional. But whatever it might be, agencies or companies look out for the same set of qualities in both types of candidates.

When we talk about qualities that stand out, we aren’t pointing at fashion models who contest for ad campaigns, but a true aspirer’s impressive skill and experience, confident body language and a serene ability to ace any interview are what that make them a perfect candidate for both commercial and editorial model candidate.

We have lined up 6 essential qualities freelance modeling agencies look for in:

1. Carry Yourself With Poise

Hey, we aren’t asking you to have the gait or stance of Naomi Campbell or Adriana Lima or have the swag of Tyson Beckford or David Gandy, but agencies will rate you on the basis of your poise and how you carry yourself in public.

Body posture offers a window for opening in the career. It also helps people determine your personality, because we definitely need a tough one in this profession.

You should hold your head high and elude a positive spirit, don’t worry even if you are just starting your career. Casual attitude (such as chewing gums), slouching, lack of knowledge about the field and lack of attention to details are signs that are off-putting to employers.

Although, these are exceptions in the media industry, modelling is quite different from acting field – just a reminder.

2. Have The Confidence To Concur Any Camera Or Spotlight

Models are always under spotlight, either in front of camera or in front of hundreds of people. Therefore, you have to know your best angles that you can put forward and how to use them varyingly.

Professional models who aspire to become top-notch ones are prepared to discuss about their future goals, their career accomplishments and why they should be the ideal choice for a cover girl/boy of a magazine or a show stopper. You should know why you fit the role, any role, and how you can put your assets forward in get an A on the role.

3.  Have To Be Always Ready

Okay, so modelling is a freelance career, so you may never know when you will get an interview call. That’s why you have to always be ready. Preparing yourself means having the right set of clothes, accessories and make-up ready to use. All three are extremely crucial in modelling career.

However, although you can hide your puffy eyes or pimple cheek behind a layer of make-up, you cannot hide lack of preparation for an interview. One can easily tell if a candidate is under prepared.

If you trip or fall on the runway, if you stumble in a conversation, if you just fill the spaces with awkward glances or just silence, or even worse, if you don’t know where you have come to and what’s the requirement then you should already know that you just wasted someone’s time.

4. Demonstrate Your Skills Through A Great Portfolio

Presentation skills are as important as walking skills in this profession. Before you start walking on a runway for a client, you have to demonstrate your skills to agencies or hiring companies. And the best way you can do so is by creating a stunning portfolio that sizes up all your work.

A great portfolio should feature at least 20 photographs of you from several angles, wearing different costumes and under various lightings. They should be professionally shot. You have to keep them simple, yet attractive.

5. Make The Camera Fall In Love With You

Okay, let’s face the truth – modelling is all about cameras and so, camera should love you. You should be photogenic and make camera your forever partner. You have to interact with the lens.

It’s not necessary that your photographs should be clicked by world renowned fashion photographer, like Steven Meisel, but it should definitely be professional, current and appropriate for the interview. No party pics, no dark pics and no photo that is not clicked within the last 2 years are allowed.

6.  Become A Designer’s Dream

In order to be a successful model and have a thriving career, you need to fit in designer’s clothes and make them look glamorous and tempting. There are several categories in modelling, but the most prominent is fashion model blogs. So, your role should focus on acing all categories – fashion, ramp, commercial, editorial and ad campaign.

As a freelancer candidate, you should know the brand and understand its culture. You should even be aware what the employees wear. Personal style is important but wearing someone else’s imagination and carrying it like a dream is exclusive and worth a million dollar contract.

Furthermore, wearing a piece of clothing is not all; you have to also feature the angle that best demonstrates the outfit in front of the camera. That’s when you’ll know you have mastered this.

Now that you know what qualities are essential, here are other important things that you should also practice during your learning chapter to become a model;

  • Have an Instagram Account – keep it clean, professional and fun
  • Send Real and Amateur shots, taken from phone camera, without filters and touch-ups
  • Use Natural Beauty for photoshoots – no heavy make-up and no hair done up
  • Be Punctual
  • Stay active on all Social Media Platforms, market your skills out there
  • Be Pleasant
  • Be Thick Skinned and be ready to face Criticism and Rejections